DIY VW oil leak repair saved hundreds!

DIY VW oil leak repair saved hundreds!

Removing VW 2.5 5cyl vacuum pump and installing new seals



RDTrader says:

Awesome walk through. I will be doing this in a few days. Thank you.

Moci The Manokit says:

You definitely deserve more likes and follows thank you!

Christopher Allbright says:

Dealer quoted me $1,400 for this repair. I’ll do the job myself with the help of this video

Christian Leija says:

Great video buddy

carlos alvarez says:

I have this same problem on my car. Except no one wants to work on it and or want to do it the right way which costs more. Any one that read this comment that wants to work on my car?

janygurl30 says:

A good training video

Red Scorpion 6 says:

I got a $1,400 quote from the dealership. I went home and ordered a rebuild kit from Rock Auto for $27 and knocked out the job in about an hour.

Big bean Burrito says:

Nice just fix my 2011 vw jetta

Patricia White says:

What is the switch you took off with the 24mm socket.

brian snik says:

Your video is great by the way. This is a SOB of a job on a beetle!

brian snik says:

On mine the leak was also from the o ring that goes around the black vacuum fitting that goes into the vacuum pump. U didn't change that. It will leak oil. And vacuum

john johnson says:

My daughter's 2008 Beetle was leaking oil, so with your video, I now know what to look for and how to fix it. Thanks

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