DIY VW 2007 Passat 2.0T Vacuum pump replacement

DIY VW 2007  Passat 2.0T Vacuum pump replacement

Customer came in complaining of having to add oil between oil changes. The “Brake booster vacuum pump” is a very common leak on ~2006 and newer automobiles. Here’s a DIY on the 2.0L Turbo motor. All you really need is the proper size torx tool T-30 I believe (didn’t write it down sadly, but will for the future!) (watch LIVE m-f 9:30 – 5:00pm eastern) (twitter) (facebookers) (Community Hangout)



Wyatt Biker says:

I have this exact failure on 2006 2.0T and mechanic wants to charge $550. What is a reasonable charge and which replacement part do you recd. Thanks

Daniel Romo says:

Does the audi a4 and the passat use the same pump?

Nunofyour beesiness says:

Whats the trick to getting the hose off the pump,I don't see any clip to release it.Thanks for video.

John Brady says:

Ah I see it just was on link for brake faults..cracked pipes is the common fault is I'm sure you know of I do have them in our shop for hard peddle

John Brady says:

Not sure was just asking is what was the fault

John Brady says:

Are you sure the pump was at fault and not the vacuum pipe??

Nikki Uribe says:

What's the usual cost of you were to go to a mechanic?

Mk5 Fanatic says:

What is the torque spec for the bolts I'm doing mine this weekend and don't wanna over or under tighten

Ryan Buison says:

is this the same as 2007 vw gti??

FaQiang Liu says:

do i have to unplug anything prior to remove the pump? what are the things i should look out for? thanks

Yeyo_10 says:

I done i hope man easy!!!!

Yeyo_10 says:

Thanks let me buy the part. An try to fx. My selft i hope every thing is good

Yeyo_10 says:

I hope I can do easy like u man ….. Wish me luck man Passat 2.0 t 2006 thanks

Bigchuck678 says:

is this for a 2.0t tsi or 2.0 fsi

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