Bargain £325 Copart VW Golf Quick Fix Cheap Repair

Bargain £325 Copart VW Golf Quick Fix Cheap Repair

In this video we do a quick fix on the cheap VW Golf purchased for Copart Sandwich salvage auction.

We do hope you enjoy this video and Check out our other videos on all kinds of vehicles including Barn finds, Quick flips, First wash, Salvage, Restorations, Will it run, Accident damaged,Auction bargains and anything else that arrives at the #Salvagerebuildsuk workshop.

Thankyou all for watching and see you very soon in the next one!

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Lee Melville says:

Cheap car that with the mileage for its age

Keith Woodhouse says:

Nice job you should have taken the foam blocks from behind the front wing water trap and the reason most golfs have wing rust

Trevor Flatts says:

Hi Rob I'd like to purchase the golf if its still available and mechanics OK. I'm in Shoeburyness how much you asking for it

William Price says:

Hi rob I fink you done really well there done my headlights yesterday same as wot you done cheers bud

Paul Elmore says:

Thanks for the plastic lens restoration tutorial

Michael Hynds says:

Top class as always Rob. Thank you for sharing.

shehroz says:

Amazing little turnaround! More cheapie vag cars like this please. Thanks

Keith cassidy says:

What’s your tips on keeping your white trainers clean? Every video either in the scrappies or in the yard,white trainers!! LOL

Response Cop Dad says:

That’s a perfect city run-around/first car for someone. Great little flip and turn around.

Mr Badger says:

I could quite happily spend my days driving that forklift and moving cars in that yard

StevesRepairs says:

Thanks Rob, that's another little bullet proof golf back on the road instead of a scrapper, someone's new pride and joy mate. Take care and all the best. Stevie

stephen cahill says:

Thanks guys for the video

Richard Francis says:

Bargain Rob, another one misses the scrap yard.

Dave Mundy says:

Great video again Rob, show what a bit of elbow grease will do

skibumirl says:

Great transformation, if i was in the UK i would pay £600 as it is, that golf is going to be a great bangernomic run around for somebody.

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