Wheel Bearing Assembly Replacement Toyota Tacoma DIY

Wheel Bearing Assembly Replacement Toyota Tacoma DIY

2005 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Crew Cab 2WD

Disclosure: I am not responsible for any damages that occur upon watching this video. Viewer understands that it is their sole responsible and liability for any damages and/or injuries that occur if they decide to take on this project.

Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly – Front https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NDP77010731

Floor jack
Jack stands
Wrench 17mm, 22mm
Socket 17mm, 12mm
Crow bar
Rubber mallet
Screw driver and/or pliers
Slide Hammer and flange



Jay Meow says:

My god your like a woman get to the point!!!!!!

Paul V says:

You talk way to much. Just do the work and explain as you go. Don't explain what you're going to be doing then explaining the same thing as you're doing it. Geeessh

Fernando Rizo says:

do the same part works for a 2002 tacoma pre runner?

J4543 P says:

Don't be ashamed of your Craftsman tools! Lets all be honest with ourselves….folks who buy Snapon do it so they can say they have Snapon tools and it impresses their buddies at the water cooler. Even with the warranty, Snapon tools are way overpriced. Instead, focus on your abilities to get the job done the right way at minimal cost. If you're a mechanic by trade, your customers will appreciate the low overhead costs which translates to lower per/hour rates you charge to do work for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Snapon is low quality. On the contrary…just saying its not necessary to pay for them MOST of the time.

Daniel Alvarado says:

Bro you need to turn them rotors , or get new ones. Grooves bro , their deep.

Shawn j says:

Will I get dorty

scott posey says:

Great first video!

Greg Goodwin says:

The 2 threaded holes in the rotor, you should be able to put bolts in there to push the rotor off the hub instead of beating it off. Overall I really enjoyed the video, you gave good direction and explained everything well.

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