Toyota 7.5 Front Diff Locker Install

Toyota 7.5 Front Diff Locker Install

This is a DIY Front 7.5 Toyota Clamshell Diff Spartan Locker Installation. Hope you find it helpful. Please like and subscribe.

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andrew kistler says:

Thank you for making this video

MengeR says:

Are in Fresno CA?

1beatnuts says:

Dude your wife is going to get you lol

Declan G. says:

Other Guy, where do I get the hinged piece you used for checking the backlash.

I Be Trollin' They Be Hatin' says:

WTF does "assembled" in the USA mean, exactly?

Xenxai winner says:

hi, i really like your video, upgrade r/diff. and need help. i have a 97 t100 which gear ratio you recommend? please

ROBO K says:

Thanks just one more question for you my truck has a gear ratio of 43:10 I have had a lift kit fitted and want to run 35 tyres on 15 inch rims what ratio would you recommend and thanks for your time and help

ROBO K says:

What is the gear ratio of your diff good video

Christian Revollar says:

Is this the same or similar as a 97 Toyota t100?

isaacspoon says:

im assuming the rear and front lockers on this tundra also work on gen1 sequoia?

jsj says:

do you know if this wil fit on a Mitsubishi pajero 91 imported from Japan came with 4d56ti engine?

Kay Saephan says:

How do you set backlash on the ifs diff… looks confusing lol

Ryan Fisher says:

Nice job! Good tips and explanation

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