The End of Toyota Tacoma Reliability

The End of Toyota Tacoma Reliability

Toyota Tacoma made in Mexico review. The End of Toyota Tacoma Reliability, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Toyota Tacoma review. Is Toyota reliable? Does Toyota make good trucks? Is the Toyota Tacoma worth buying? Buying a new Toyota Tacoma truck. Should I buy a Toyota Tacoma? Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 53 years.

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Spirit Walker says:

And they cost more than ever.

Red Salv says:

CONFIRM: Scotty is a weeaboo

Brian Haney says:

Scotty must be practicing being a comedian. “Hey who knows BMW might make a good electric car” That’s funny and not possible. It’ll have 542 computers on it to screw up the car. Lol

Dcc357 says:

I just did the timing belt, water pump, all timing belt pulleys, and radiator hoses on my 2000 Tacoma. Will be going for another 10 years/100k.

Roi Brycker says:

@ScottyKilmer what do you think of all these new cars being painted flat spray paint can colors with no flake or any kind of anything in the paint to accent the color. Reminds me of back in the day when a guy just painted his car himself instead of at least using Macco…

Gia Little says:

I NEED help I’m in the market for a new car in the next year and a half. I’m debating between a 2014 Toyota Corolla or a 2013 Honda Civic. Ik both are really reliable cars.

Roi Brycker says:

With the way Tesla is cornering the market I don't know why people just don't make them half teslin then put a BMW shell around it. Save yourself millions in RnD an engineering!

Scott Meister says:

A 17 year old buying a Corvette wants to know what to watch out for? How about… TREES! They jump right out in front of you in those cars. 0_0

Randle Davis says:

how many times can a bmw break down in 300 miles

David Morgan says:

Zzzzz….who cares about an electric BMW. They will probably still be unreliable, have ultra expensive parts and not last much past 150K miles.

Daren Neely says:

Loved the picture of the old gta lol

kevin ruiters says:

So, Scotty, are you really saying that because the Tacoma is now built in Mexico it has become less reliable or just totally unreliable? Is that because Mexicans are less caring about quality than San-Antonians? Or maybe Toyota discovered that most of their workers in San Antonio are of Mexican descent and decided they might as well not pay American money for the same quality, so just take all operations into the source of the labor itself and pay a lot less?????

AnTi90d says:

That's a loud hiss.. whole lotta background noise in TN.

Turnerbrewer says:

I own a 2008 Toyota Yaris that was made in Toyota City, Japan. It has been a very reliable daily commuter car. It currently has 160,000 miles.

yota for life says:

I have a 2017 tacoma trd offroad and can still get 80% of what I paid new for it ,so the haters can hate when their vehicles are worth half

I discovered civilization says:

It’s the same parts using Toyota’s Kaizen approach to manufacturing, with tools that automatically are set to the exact torque settings. It doesn’t matter so much where a Toyota is assembled since Toyota is known for quality design and engineering.

Maleek Kors says:

Hey scotty could you tell us How Mazda Outranked Toyota and Lexus As the Most??? Reliable Car Brand

GotItAll2011 says:

5:31 thank me later

Desert Pyrotechnics says:

I love my tacoma, its just really slow

Milo the weekend Guy says:

Evening Scotty! How do you like my new profile picture?

David Campbell says:

I have acutely had front struts completely freeze solid, in Canada. 1978 rabbit back in the 80s. Had to park it in a warm garage to fix problem. So struts will freeze!

stevexNYCAutomotive says:

BMW … Bat Motor Works.

stevexNYCAutomotive says:

Struts are for girls car. Yea, her heels are the struts.

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