Stripped oil pan drain plug repair?

Stripped oil pan drain plug repair?

Do you recognize this part? I couldn’t find it anywhere online



Kevin Kline says:

You act like you found something off the space shuttle, and criticize it without having any knowledge. These have been around for 40+ years, and work great with the right gasket. Russians used one where you drilled a smaller plug into the stripped plug and tapped it, and then welded it to the pan. Also worked great. You can tell in the comments who has never had a pan off. Lots have the threads in the pan in a sheet metal nut, that has about 2mm around the plug. Drill it out and it disappears, and there is nothing to rethread!!!! Now you are fukced and have to probably pull the engine. All at you own cost. Keyboard hero’s.

Mike Kanios says:

What happened? You didnt show us the complete fix on this video? Garbage!!!

edfx says:

In some cases new oil pan can be a rarity. Oil Pain Thread Repair kit is good solution here. Kit contains oversized plugs and thread cutters. m13x1.25 instead of m12x1.25. I would argue that it would be a permanent fix.

spelunkerd says:

The worst part of that thing is the way it hangs down, If it gets knocked off by driving over something the engine oil could be gone in seconds. I wonder if a simple M12X1.25 drain bolt and thread sealer could have be used instead, giving a lower profile. You don't need the self taping part, the threads are already cut, and a regular bolt may seal better because it is not tapered for self tapping.

SpreadEagleRL says:

Some teflone tape would also fix it.

Neil Murphy says:

Could you use a thread chaser to rethread the oil pan bolt

Neil Murphy says:

Let me guess another quick change destroyed the oil pan bolt by using air hammer to tightening it up or breaker bar

Adam Reyna says:

is Valvoline a good quick lube place? I mean at least the oil is decent?

Jesse Lyons says:

Looks like a oversize drain plug. Those sometime work. People do come in with stripped oil drain plugs.

sam1953 says:

Are you asking us?

Harold E. says:

I've had the opposite happen to me one time at a quick lube place. The person who changed my oil didn't tighten the drain plug. The next time I needed an oil change I did it myself because the weather was warm. I was able to remove the drain plug with my fingers. I'm really glad that it didn't come loose somewhere on the road. I don't drive a lot now that I am retired, so I have all of my oil changes done at a dealership.

mattyx3x says:

Oil in the arm pit. I feel your pain brother. Everyday!

Frank Bartlett says:

Replace that nylon washer with an aluminum crush washer. Torque it to 25 ft-lbs.

Leo vo says:

It bettet get a new oil pan, so do not waste time, do not save few pennies in the short term and cost dollars for a long term.

boostedmaniac says:

I had one shop fix the rear main seal and when installing the oil pan, stripped the block out putting the pan back. There were even bolts missing which I suspect were so stripped they didn’t bother putting back.

Robert O says:

I see lot's of comments about Jiffy Lube.Never ever go to jiffy lube.Cheap recycled filters and junk oil.My friend was a manager there.You would be amazed what they do.

Mark Reynolds says:

Thanks for sharing this video.

Karl von Eschenhof says:

JB Weld to the rescue again! There are other ways to fix this that are more aesthetically pleasing, like tapping new threads, but Peter’s time is valuable too. The only thing I would have done differently is use an aluminum washer where the plastic washer was, but still use epoxy to make double sure it doesn’t leak.

tbugher62 says:

Just replace the oil pan,and easy 30 minute job,under $100.

Shawn Chapman says:

I worked at napa.they are called over size drain plug repair

neonico3500 says:

Don't know the exact ES300 model you are working on, but on this site you have detailed listing of every parts. Friend 😉

Kenny Ross says:

I worked at a Ford dealership in 1981 on the lube rack. Changed oil everyday on multiple cars. Drain holes with damaged threads was VERY common. We had a kit that contained multiple sizes of self tapping drain plugs. Installed several and never once had a problem.

Rey Recommends says:

Be nice to add to the transmission pan

Matěj Doležal says:

Hello, can you make a video about best first cars after driving school please? Can you include some European market cars please?

Wayne Jorgensen says:

Just get a new pan. It's not an essential part that moves or helps run the vehicle so a cheap aftermarket is probably less than $50.

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