How to test TOYOTA IAC Valve without special tools

How to test TOYOTA IAC Valve without special tools

In vehicle test, no special tools needed, Idle Air Control Valve found in many Toyotas



Sal LoSauro says:

Hi Peter. I have a 2003 Tacoma (same as the cream puff you had the video on). I’m at 260k miles and my ac will be working than goes hot. I can usually get it back to cold with a quick turn of the dial. Any idea if it’s just a bad dial or something else?

kamal jit singh attalia says:

Thank for teaching fantastic teacher

Keith on the GAP says:

Those "philipshead" screws actually need a special tool. I think it's called a JIS driver?

Leo R says:

Peter you forgot to give us the after repair video of the engine running with the idle fixed. Thanks

Mike Boyer says:

Love the vids. Maybe put the code in the title of the vid so anyone searching for help with that code will find your vid easier.

Switchdoktor says:

Does Toyota Auris have one ?

Gary Wolff says:

Thank you Peter . We have a Toyota 2004 Matrix XR like the one in your shop . You are a great teacher !

Bill Simpson says:

Sure wish Peter would have shown us the inside of that unit.

Jesus Felix says:

My 13 Corolla idles 400-500 shakes at stop signs. It does correct it self but almost shuts off. Cleaned the throttle body and no codes can this be a culprit ?

LA Prepper says:

I wish I had this video a few years ago when my 2003 rc300 my iacv died and really annoyed me, especially after the cheap Chinese knockoff wasn’t even built right!!

happy543210 says:

I disassembled and cleaned mine. Very easy and good as new.

Alan Dust says:


Peniasi Qimaqima says:

Great video. Peter is on the heels of RtR crowd.

Me says:

Hello, does the 1GR-FE use an IAC? Thank you

pablo jimenez says:

Be carefull with the cables of the IAC….if you shorten one, it will trigger another code: P0505 (IAC defective voltage circuit or IAC valve ground cable shorter)…then you have to fix the broken cable to clean that code.
Also, don't use aftermarket….they don't work.
If is not possible to get the original part (they are expensive, $270), clean the original, but is necessary a special screw driver head to disassembly completelly…

Tundra man 2011 says:

Thankyou for showing

Kevin Glover says:

What is the manufacturer of replacement part(iec)? Could the fact that the old part(iec) was made in Mexico opposed to Japan, be a factor in the part failing? You did use an Autel scanner to find the code. Most drivers of modern vehicles don't realize how quickly they can find these codes even though they may work with computers daily.

Joe Gonzales says:

Thank you so much Peter for taking your time to educate us do we can save money have a good day my friend

Med Boubou says:

Can I have the WhatsApp number to chat with you? I am from Morocco and we have several problems with the Toyota engine

` says:

matrix XR hatchback compact station wagon made in cambridge regular unleaded 13.2 gal 28 city 36 highway 1.8L 16 valve dohc manual non abs 2778 curb wt 61H x 171L x 70W $14,599 msrp. 2022 market 3800-6300, 662,000 models 2003-2004 only Corolla, Matrix, Vibe, front driver & pass power windows known to be loose and rattle at regulator.

Med Boubou says:

I am a viewer of your channel. Is it possible to change the 1.4 to 1.6 engine in a Toyota Corolla 1.4 4zze 120l

Mark Reynolds says:

Thanks for sharing this video, very interesting information.

WV Taco says:

The DIY'ers appreciate your videos!

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