How to Replace Head Gasket 1997-2001 Toyota Camry 5S-FE Part 1

How to Replace Head Gasket 1997-2001 Toyota Camry  5S-FE Part 1

Mechanics-eye view of 5SFE Head Gasket replacement on a 1997-2001 Camry 4 cylinder.
This car had a blown head gasket that introduced exhaust gas into the cooling system and crankcase.
I show you how to replace the gasket in your own garage, including how to replace valve stem seals. Enjoy!

Buy the gasket set here:

Head bolts:

Valve keeper remover/installer:

Valve stem seal pliers:

30mm socket:

Radiator hose pick:


Assembly lube: #modmini #modminiYouTube



efrain rosado says:

Exelent video!!! But before disconect the alternator disconect the batery firt.

Dan Lo Fat says:

okay so you used the jack to support the engine now you have the car raised up on jack stands without the engine support and that you're still taking brackets off what's up with that!!??

Jamie Flynn says:

Sure makes me miss the good ol days when you could remove almost anything on an engine while sitting in the engine compartment with the engine

Epi Anguiano says:

Hello, I somehow dont have the cams aligned correct. the exhaust cam has 3 dots on the gear. any chance you know which one is the one I should align with the intake cam? or even better, how many degrees out of phase should the intake and exhaust cam lobes be? thanks


Thank you MINI! I like the video show very much so I thumb up and subscribed your channel.

Augusto Mendes says:

Best car ever.

Rene Rene says:

I have a question, when you were turning the crank shaft for TDC does it matter if it’s on the exhaust or compression stroke ? Can I just set all the marks? Guy who made this video or anyone can answer thank u

Rene Rene says:

Also every detail that you mentioned just as you went was super helpful you are gifted at teaching and instruction you Gould easily be an instructor and should if your not

Rene Rene says:

These video were wonderful and your very nice to put this out for us all to learn, I want to thank you very much sir God bless!

Neal Wang says:

The Camry's hubcaps looks so funny

José Duarte says:

Fine educational video.

beatriz guzman says:

My car is trowing white smoked when I turn it on when it's cold only but when it get hot it doesn't throw no more smoked what could it be is it the head gasket?

carlos castro says:

you can put an engine from year 97 to a year 2000 the car is camry?

Hung Vuong says:

this video so good 1k like

Oscar C says:

Are these engines considered "non interference"?

Eloy Miron says:

Im going to try this. I'll probably have ziplock bags and labels to where the nuts and bolts go.

Sonic90 says:

How much to fix a Toyota Avalon?

Stuart D says:

You wearing crocs while you're working on your car?

Todd Hawes says:

And here's me, thinking….Head gasket? No problem, I can take care of that. No problem…….. Until I seen this video. Excellent video that makes me re think of tackling this on my own.

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