How to fix your Toyota that wont come out of park

How to fix your Toyota that wont come out of park

When you can’t get your Toyota to come out of park, this video will show you how to fix it, from as simple as a brake light fuse to a bad brake light switch can keep it from coming out of park. Now if your stuck somewhere i have a video that shows you how to get it out of park so you can get it fixed and not be stranded.
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DimSumJim says:

Thank you! Started my car this morning and these lights flashed up on the dash. Couldn't get out of park. Watched your video, checked the fuse, and it seems like it's blown. Crossing my fingers that this is the only issue.

John Munch says:

My Toyota dealer says I have a bad brake light switch since I can't get out of Park on my 2009 Camry. The good news is that Toyota has some "hidden" extended warranty on this problem and they are fixing it for free even though I have 90000 miles on the car. Also gave me a free loaner for 3 days while waiting for the part. Check with your dealer to see if that deal might apply to you.

David Clegg says:

No footage of actually replacing the switch.

Shandreka Copeland says:

what do I do when the car cuts on but wont change gears.. stick moves but the car wont get out of park?

786theunique says:

This could be a solution as well in similar situation:

Numbered says:

so, you have to make sure your foot is on the brakes? goddamit, I forgot about that, it's been too long the last time I drove as a learner (2 weeks)

Robert Woods says:

Where the heck is the brake light switch? How do you remove it? I looked up under there and saw nothing like it. You pass right by the details, unfortunately.

Bob Caneus says:

you did not show where was the fuse idiot,

Robert Nixon says:

Woow, just woow!!!! I have the same issue and didn't notice my brake lights aren't working. I was blaming the shifter until I watch this video. Thank you much my man!

James Johnson says:

This totally saved me today on my 96 corolla… It was just that 15amp fuse. Thanks so much for the video!!!

pikngrn says:

Also you can put on the Emergency brake to get it out of park!

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