Suzuki SX4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement 2.0L J20

Suzuki SX4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement 2.0L J20

Valve cover gasket replacement on 2007 Suzuki SX4 2.0L J20 Engine.
Car has 228500km or 142000 miles.
Parts were ordered on



torchier torchier says:

NEVERMIND! I'm such a dipstick. Ummmm… That's what was missing — the dipstick. Oy vey!

torchier torchier says:

Spaciba! Very helpful! QUESTION! There is a bolt, roughly underneath the PCV valve. It goes into the engine, but that bolt was missing on my sx4! Or, maybe it's not a bolt — a missing sensor? But it does go into the valve cover, so it can't be good to have it empty. Any clue?!

hofterup says:

Very cool! I shall give this a shot once the weather gets better. The money I save will go towards buying the tools I need to execute the repair, which is nice.

Raghav Aggarwal says:

At 2:50 what are those valves from which you removed the hose pipes

Pinky Hertel says:

Informative and entertaining! Just had this done at my local shop for a reasonable USD $100 labor. I was very concerned about a missing hose or whatever indicated on the engine block, but yours has that empty space too (at 1:43, etc). What is that hole for?!! My engine is stuttering when I accelerate and I'm looking for reasons. Love Pinky

Musarat Ali says:

Hi, I’m planning to buy SX4 2008 model with 98k miles on it. How’s the reliability of this car? Are the parts cheaper or same as toyota? Would you recommend this car?

maglanit says:

You always present your tutorial in detailed manner. Thumbs up for that. Could you please show me how to correctly drain and refill the radiator collant for suzuki sx4 hatchback 1.5 petrol. Tnk u.

Wil Aldwin Cadianza says:

Hi! What website do you order your OEM suzuki parts? Thank you!

Mrs Silence DoGood says:

Wish ya powder coated or painted then PERECT!

Aylon Murray says:

I tried everything but the valve cover just would not move

Purushottam Singh says:

Hi there I tried this .5 in bit torque wrench and broke one stud. Is there a way you can help me fix this


Thanks for this video. It was very helpful.

Wilson says:

The air filter when you remove and put back seems to be different side. does it matter?

Stanley Waggoner says:

I'll be performing this repair on my daughter's 2008 Suzuki SX4 in the near future. Thanks for making this video.

Дима Шляйгер says:

Забыл написать я хочу такую Дизельную машину

Radijacija says:

Can you please tell me from where you buy genuine volvo parts?
Most places i searched tey have high shipping costs.

Thank you in advance.

Дима Шляйгер says:

если ты Русак н** ты переводишь на английский вообще я не понимаю

Błażej says:

Great video! I'm waiting for the transmission oil change in Your Volvo. Take care!

paul miller says:

спасибо большое!!!

Pete Allum says:

That's the problem with rubber seals and gaskets, they become hard when exposed to heat over a long period. Years ago the typical valve or rocker cover gasket would be made from cork but that's obviously fallen out of favour – that also became hard and less flexible with heat over time though! It's interesting to see the changes in engine design – I can remember when most such valve covers would be made from pressed steel sheet and only high performance engines had cast alloy ones.
Nice video with clear instructions and great camera work!

Zadean Robinson says:

I really appreciate your repair videos on Suzuki sx4. I am a technician and I'm always working on the Suzuki Swift and grand vitaras. the general setup is very similar in these vehicles to the sx4. so please continue. I use your repair videos and learn from them.

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