Suzuki King Quad Winch Install | How to

Suzuki King Quad Winch Install | How to

A quick and informative Electric Winch installation video. I show you how to install and wire a KFI 2500 lbs Winch on my 2011 Suzuki King Quad 500 four wheeler! Check Back for the Plow installation video.

Plow Install Video:
Coming Soon!

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KFI Winch with mounting plate for Suzuki King Quad:

Denali Plow with mounting plate for Suzuki King Quad:

My headlamp: (Works well, battery is rechargeable but only lasts a few hours)

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Tom Tardif says:

two bolts are good enough for the relay πŸ™‚

Paul Condie says:

I recently subcribed and commented on your Jeremy rhydes video and you actually responded! nice, I just watched your video about not to buy a klr until you watch or something of that nature. As I commented, I have had my klr for 9 years and many miles later I think you would love the dyno jet mod,drilled slide and airbox mod, the only negative I come across is I lost about 9mpg! Well worth it in my opinion! Very easy to do, taking carb off takes longer than the actual work, removing plastics on klr suck! lol But since I see you are a true klr admirer this mod made such a big difference in my klr like night n day. My next mod is progressive fork springs! Again I love the vids and looking forward to more. I also have an 06 polaris. Mines a fusion 600 ho. thanks

Longrider says:

Catman I want to share something for your own SAFETY! DON'T underestimate the force those winches generate. 2 years ago my co-worker friend was untangling the line and while wearing a pair of work gloves he began to winch the cable in and guide it through the rollers. A piece of slight frayed cable caught his glove and pulled his hand into the winch. He lost 1 and 1/2 fingers , has severe nerve damage in his hand and up his arm. he has had a couple of surgeries but it has become a nightmare for him. BE CAREFUL!! my friend

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