Guy told me he knew go to ride after buying my Gsxr-750

Guy told me he knew go to ride after buying my Gsxr-750


@gjustg1540 says:

Says the old owner, who probably had to sell it cheap after highsiding it on cold tyres. Why would you be filming someone who just bought a vehicle anyway??

@user-ez9oq5rb3z says:

Your grammar is gr8

@check4v says:

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be making fun of here.

@gameinsane8984 says:

Looks a bit unstable pulling away if that was my bike I’d be shitting myself

@jimmywomack744 says:

He was scared of it

@KMac-Video says:

Who cares thanks for the money. Good luck.

@TheGreatest1974 says:

He has respect for the bike. And you. And the neighbours. And himself. What’s wrong with that?

@Dauntless.steadfast.fortitude says:

Your video, narrative is ALWAYS pointLESS…

@hamnchee says:

What is this video about?

@armadasinterceptor2955 says:

Looks like he knows how to ride to me, or he would have been uneasy over that big speed bump.

@TheNightstalker80 says:

I don't know man … Clutch control is there also gentle on the trhottle but a bit stiff and obviousely no gear and helmet. Wouldn't call him a bad rider just because of that.

@Supra_Natural says:

Did you tell him that you know how to spell ?

@deancrisp3596 says:

Seemed a bit wobbly but at least he wasn't ragging it around the neighborhood

@michaelhegyan7464 says:

Been riding for over fifty years..and this is the first time, this guy, has been on a bike..times have changed, this isn't the 70's or 80's, now the odds of getting hit by a vehicle, because the moron is greater than ever..

@otooled says:

Experienced rider. Only one foot down.

@westside4life1770 says:

Maybe he just bought the fucking bike and wants to be cautious/careful.. who sells a bike then goes online and makes fun of the person who just literally rode away with it. Check your ego dude

@SuperHonkyPodcast says:

I read the title eleventeen times and I'm still confused!

@Youtubenerd446 says:

You meant me knew how to ride

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