Subaru Transmission Mount How To Replace

Subaru Transmission Mount How To Replace

Subaru Transmission Mount Replace How-To. Here my bug eye Impreza WRX loses the mystery hammer troll effect and gets some transmission stability with a new mount. Join me as I demonstrate what it takes with some humor along the way.

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Julio's DIY says:

So Subaru glued the rubber to two pieces of metal to make a cheap mount. No wonder every subaru has a fail tranny mount after three months of ownership and no one knows about it until the transmission actually fails or being swap out. Hey maybe those engine mounts were made the same way too no wonder my outbacks motor is shaking ever since i bought it. Its a hell of a job. Thnks subaru!

AshyH2O says:

I love this video! You commentary is hilarious. You made this very simple! Thanks for the video

j bird dizzle says:

In a first time subi owner, put alot into my '03 outback. Including me doing a head gasket change. anyway, I get my parts from RockAuto, I paid $26 for a tyranny mount!

El LazyBoi says:

I gave a like for the Simpsons analogy

Derek Forbes says:

While attempting to change the mount in my 2000 Outback I was having a hard time getting the Duralast part I bought to fit. By that I mean it was impossible. The bolt holes didn't line up. I took it back and got the anchor part like the one in the video. That part also did not fit. I went back to Advance and told the employee. After he thought for a minute he decided to look up a part for a '99 Outback. He said that if the car was manufactured after June of 1999 then it could be called a 2000 model. One thing I noticed was that the two parts that didn't fit only had 3 bolt studs, while the original part had 4. Turns out the' 99 mount has 4 bolt studs. I haven't gotten the part yet but I am feeling hopeful. If I remember tomorrow when the part gets here I will confirm whether or not it fits. Hopefully this helps anyone who might be having a similar problem.

Keith H says:

I've watched a few videos on how to replace these, but yours is by far the most entertaining. If I could love this video I would.

crisismcnoodle says:

what's the deal with that center bolt with the rubber bumper? why isn't it tight against the mount? on mine i can see where the bumper has contacted the metal above it, but i don't see any other evidence of a busted mount

Nomad says:

Can you do a video on how to change the engine mounts?!?! PLEASSSSEEE!!! Thanks!


hey I just took my mount off and you have to be careful of the part you get Advance Auto and Orielys were do sure that it's was the right part but I had to bring it in to show mine has four bolts and the one that they sold me had three. Pull it off then order the part . 2001 Subaru Outback 2..5 Automatic

vofs says:

aint it supposed to have a catalytic converter right there? pretty sure my 01 forester does.

ketchuppopsicle says:

"…and I'll end up using zip ties…" I've found bread bag ties under my used subi haha

Brandon Scheuvront says:

You weren't lying about that anchor mount. Mine wouldn't fit at all. I had to drill the holes larger in the mount and even then I could only force 3 bolts to go back in.

Theturbointerceptor says:

Hey Brian,

Thank you for the video. I just replaced my transmission mount and this video was extremely helpful. Couple of questions for you… I did this with hand tools and a torque wrench. Do you know how much torque I should be using on the bolts for the mount and the cross member? I also replaced the driveshaft and now the car bucks in first and second gear. I have an automatic transmission and changed the fluid so that looked fine. I'm not sure why it's bucking but it feels like it's coming from the back of the car and there's a less angry troll dancing on the driveshaft. Any help is much appreciated!

wrx3123 says:

that center bolt that looks like a rubber castle nut is it supposed to be torqued down and what is the purpose of it ? thanks

Archie Bunker says:

That's all fine until the troll decides to hit the new mount with his hammer and it into a cradle, too.

emailgdw says:

i appreciate you making this video!

FCFordLord says:

There is an easier way to 'fix' this. Add a rubber bushing to the center bolt, the one with about an inch of movement when you lift the trans.
I did this on a '99 with too much rust to get the mount off, it felt like a brand new mount, even 50k miles later.
I did the same thing to another '99 I bought, same deal, feels like i installed a brand new mount.
Takes all of 5 minutes to do, no lift or jacking involved.

Alex The Good says:

was ur car making the clunking noise all the time u give it gas? im trying to figure out if this is why my 05 rs clunks when i give it gas from a stop only sounds like somthing metal hitting rubber 3/4 times just behind the center console gets harder the more gas i give just got it out the local shop and they seem to think its my 2nd cat tho that makes a more tin rattle noise witch iv heard any ideas would be great

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