Subaru Clutch Install

Subaru Clutch Install

Overview of clutch replacement in my 1998 Legacy GT Limited.

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Rob Chan says:

But why red loctite? Isn't that permanent?

joepinehill says:

what brand of flywheel did you use?

Joseph Pulkowski says:

I just purchased an Exedy clutch kit for my '08. I was disappointed the pilot bearing is labeled "CHINA" and there is no country of origin marking on the throw out bearing. I ordered a Timken Throw out bearing to use in the place of the one with the kit. I almost always use OEM parts but I don't think Subaru clutch and clutch bearings are superior to warrant the higher price. What kits do you usually buy?

Squishy Wednesday says:

If enough grease isn't applied to where the release bearing slides or to the pivot ball what sort of effect could that have? Is that a serious issue?

Hakasauars says:

Mr subaru i love your videos, but talk bro. It kinda sucks to read.

paddlethis1 says:

Great videos. I am having trouble with my 2005 outback clutch job. I'm in my 2nd clutch kit install in a week. Thought the first kit was a defect so I ordered a new kit. After the install the car is acting like it's still slipping. I'm afraid to drive it. It will go into gear great and the pedal has good feel. It's like it's not engaging or something. The clutch fork has some play in it. Fluid is topped off. No burning clutch smell. Weird.I do feel some vibration in the driveline. I heard it could be a disconnected rear cv axle that is making it feel like a slipping clutch. Heard the c clip could have broken off. Any ideas ?

John Vikestad says:

i didnt change my flywheel when changing my clutch , which issues will this cause?


very informative!

would be nice to include the specialty tools used.

is the alignment tool universal or does it have to come from SUBARU?

thanks again

miguel monterrosa says:

Hello mr Subaru I just reemplaced my pinion shaft located in transmission tail in my baja, my question is what size of differential fluid I need to put on it some people told me 75w90 is that right one for this?

Norsology says:

Hi. Do you have any experience with the different sleeve kits – TSK, Sachs?

Eric Hall says:

I have replaced my clutch and am expieriencing slipping… new pressure plate and resurfaced flywheel…I have also power bleed my slave cylinder… any help would be great

Todd Karschner says:

I have 2 more scooby doo questions. I need to know if a mt from a 99 will fit in a 98 mt. and will an auto from a 99 fit in a 97 auto. as always thank you! youre my go-to guy for subarus!

Todd Karschner says:

I looked for a video of you swapping engines in an outback but couldn't find one. I can do the swap but need to know if an engine from a 99 MT outback fit in a 98 MT outback?

shades2 says:

Bearings these days seem really down on quality, I'm not sure what greases they're using… Saw loads of failures in bearings over past 5 years of various kinds.

Norsology says:

Very helpful video. What do you recommend regarding the flywheel – new, machine resurfacing, DIY resurfacing, nothing at all?


Nice Video.Very Helpful. Great Job bro..


If you were to leave the motor in the car on an 03 wrx would it be better to unbolt the motor mounts or just leave them? and how did you hold the motor still while tightening did you just use a rachet on the crank bolt

anthony calabro says:

any update on weather or not you will upload an engine removal video. If yo don't want to pull yours for no reason you can gladly pull mine and film it!

gavin sutherland says:

Good vid. Dunno if I could work in silence though. I would be muttering and grunting and swearing at stuff. Ask my bike, it thinks I'm completely mad…

351cleavland says:

Ebay those old clutch parts as vintage, preowned!

أحمد شريف says:

I am a technical Mknyky Subaru cars and look for work outside of Egypt possible help

Joshua Odowd says:

Love your vids man. I believe you said you were a tech and now a snap on dealer correct?

thesniperofcs says:

the best Legacy forever is this, the second generation

Joe Caraluzzo says:

Great video!!..Thanks man!

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