SUBARU Catastrophe OVER!! I hope this works!

SUBARU Catastrophe OVER!! I hope this works!

Problem solved! Subaru ‘ticking’ is gone!
Full power is restored and my heart has finally slowed down!

Also I have been to meet a friend with another ‘Jap’ car to take some photos and have a drive!



@jeffheld3971 says:

You’re doing fine. Steady wins the race. Keep up the good work!

@Mugwump42 says:

You job makes you " super critical". Run the Subaru snd give it a chance to " heal". Keep away from a power wash, it doesnt do the lacquer finish any good.

@michaelschweizer4772 says:

Nice looking ride Isaac, sure it will be running perfectly when your done, nice job!!!

@charliejackman2953 says:

What wheels are those? Look nice

@jdsmort says:

Not uncommon to have the blow-by 'tick'. One issue you will need to check on will be how square your connections are after cleaning the surfaces are, as this is connecting to 2 sides. If the width is not critical, or not effected,( I am not 100% up on Subarus) then shouldn't matter, but use old fashioned exhaust sealing paste even if you use a composite gasket and that should take care of the leaks.
After revving, the ticking is likely to have stopped due to thermal expansion.

@tombose5899 says:

Try a smoke test, or pressure test, on that exhaust manifold !
May be cracked, under those heat shields !??

@miketownsend927 says:

You should get 300bhp ok. The Wr1 Impreza was 315bhp reliable. Is yours the Sti engine or Wrx?

@forresta65 says:

The drinkers side.

@tomrayborn6558 says:

Exhaust leak can let air in causing o2 sensor false reading

@beelancaster8115 says:

You might find when you dump the running in oil and filter and put your desired oil in that the ticking noise goes , With your exzorst problem have you thort about a Stainless Steel manifold set up for both banks instead of the OE item which is quite exspensive ,

@jamesplotkin4674 says:

Lovely car, Isaac. I'd still look into a new set of plug leads, just to rule out intermittent spark jumping. Turbo engines don't tolerate ignition deficiencies.

@alicetotterdown2536 says:

Loving the colour Dude. I've just got in from a spin in my latest motor. I'm blue to but with subtle sparkly bits. Just a bog standard 1600 focus. So nowhere near your leauge. But it is a little special edition. Deal at a price so couldn't say no to.
I even won a little burn down the duel carriageway. Foot down, 2nd gear. 10 to 65 mph in fast enough for me. Moter offering more if I wanted to thrash it Don't tell anyone but I almost dropped it into reverse instead of 5th gear hitting cruise thinking I was driving a 6 speed. DOLT !
But at the end of the day when the motor is running good, you feel GREAT !!
Deffo film the boss milling that manifold. Cos looking at it, if he can, he knows his shit !
Thanks for the video.

@C_Dana says:

brilliant looking Subaru wagon. glad
you're happy with it.

@ssnerd583 says:

Charge the battery….its turning over slowly…..and the 'ticking' is a Subaru thing. Dont use ANY 5w30 oil in it

@Decadentwest says:

Get one of your mates to partially block the tailpipes to get some back pressure, that should make the leak/ blow more obvious.

@fatwalletboy2 says:

Cant wait to see you giving it full beans….im still running my Punto GT in but that feels so punchy even going to just 4500rpm….
Takes a lot of self restraint running an engine in and not easy on a turbo.

@jay73jb says:

Sounds like a lazy lifter

@wowser2009 says:

The guys on Mighty Car Mods did a “fully built” motor with suby experts and then had a ticking noise and had to so something with one of the valves/clearance (can’t remember) … turned out to be a straightforward fix but itme consuming. Could be similar or at least draw heart from others having challenges. Check them out

@minigpracing3068 says:

How much is a nice tube header? How much is a manifold from a breaker?

@davidellsworth2178 says:

As thin as those manifold flanges are I would be tempted to have them welded to thicken them up or welding a flange shaped plate to them and then mill them flat.

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