How To Fix A Cracked Cylinder Head | Cracked Subaru Cylinder Head REPAIR KIT!

How To Fix A Cracked Cylinder Head | Cracked Subaru Cylinder Head REPAIR KIT!

How to fix a cracked cylinder head at the oil pressure sensor in your Subaru Outback. If you cracked your cylinder head like me dont worry KUKS Repair Shop made a kit that ACTUALLY WORKS! (I have driven over 500+ miles with no leaks) Cracking the cylinder head is a common and costly mistake and thankfully this kit saved me a ton of money and time.

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The cheapest way to fix your cracked cylinder head is by buying this kit. Replacing a head on your Subaru can cost anywhere from $800-1400 depending on the shop and the extent of damage. My advice would be to give this a try and see how it works!



Matt MATTHEWM says:

Overtightened mine. And, you cannot find a remanufactured head because everyone does this. They cannot get a core that has not been cracked like this. But, I got this repair kit and I no longer leak or smoke!

vermili0n says:

I’m not sure if my head is cracked but I definitely am leaking oil from the pressure switch. I have to put in oil about every week so that’s what makes me think it’s not cracked. Gonna clean up the area tomorrow to get a better look and hopefully I just need a new pressure switch

Ryan gst says:

Happened to oil filter housing. Luckily it’s at bottom were I was able to patch it up.
I just used jb weld. But now I’m thinkin about repairing it, welding it before anything else. Let’s see how long jb lasts…

dustinB228 says:

The focus tho…

kiddiescripterkiller says:

200 bucks for a piece of pipe, drill bit, tap and a union? Hope you got kissed first…

Symbafy says:

Any leaks yet since you fixed it ?

Noah Hamson says:

Is it still holding?

Anotherwack Garage says:

matty for prez

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