DIY: How To Install a stereo in a 2015 – 2017 Subaru WRX, Forster or Levorg

DIY: How To Install a stereo in a  2015 – 2017 Subaru WRX, Forster or Levorg

Step by step how to replace the stereo in a 2015, 2016 or 2017 model Subaru Impreza WRX, Levorg or Forester. We show you how to remove the stereo, fit up the new one and wire it all up. What you will need to install it and do it without damaging the factory plugs! ūüėÄ



eodninja6 says:

so you dont need an Idatalink module for the steering controls in Kenwood receivers. So will the DNX693S install the same way?

Spetnaut says:

Do you sell this harness to the US? Would definitely like to purchase one

Ken Ly says:

CarbonCarSystems, with vehicles such as my 15 Forester that has the Factory NAV and HK Sound System. Is it possible to retain the USB, AUX and Microphone when installing an aftermarket Kenwood Double Dinn Head Unit with GPS? For example, one of the new DNX873S? Do you mates have a prewired plug and play harnesses?


Andrew Feeney says:

Hi. Confused about the GPS antenna when this model Kenwood doesn't have GPS. Is that an add-on extra. I want to buy the kit from you, but my wife prefers GPS to be a part of the stereo, not her phone.

Captain Buff The Third says:

Hello everyone, THIS IS A LEGITMATE REIVEW OF THIS INSTALL KIT. 9 out of 10; with some caveats.
No-one has given feedback here on the units (that I can see) and I think that is a big lack of respect! Anyway I have a base model MY17 WRX. IF YOUR DASH looks the same as the one in this vid then this will work in your car. The install is a piece of piss if you have even just basic knowledge of cars/car stereo. The finished result looks great and works totally fine. I will list some brief notes as I don't want to make this long but ask a question if you are interested and I will answer (if you sound genuine and use some good old fashioned respect). I DON'T WORK FOR CARBON CAR AND I AM NOT GETTING ANYTHING TO WRITE THIS. I won't accept anything either. This is called paying it forward to brothers who have done a decent thing by me. DAN/CARBON CAR GUYS you should probably Sticky/Pin this.
The install and removal of the head unit will happen just as in the vid…with a few exceptions I have some notes on:
1. The two 10mm bolts behind the steering column and glove box DO NOT EXIST – at least not on my wheels. I went to take them out and there were no bolts there. Doesn't make a difference at all but just something to note. I have a photo of the bent frame that looks like someone went at it with a set of pliers…that is NOT Carbon Cars fault. Subaru Australia might get a 'WTF is this…and what else did you neglect to install?' email though. 2. There is¬†NOT A¬† LOT OF ROOM¬†behind the head unit. This was the single biggest pain in the ass for me; it took a couple of attempts and shifting the screws¬†connecting the head unit to the bracket¬†around to find the sweet spot – and you will have to GENTLY move as much cabling as you can down below the head unit (behind the air con) so the head unit will attach. 3. Number 2 was a PITA but number 3 is just an example of quality control. The new¬†brackets that you see get attached to the new Kenwood unit (around 10:30 onwards)¬†are obviously metal – the ones you will get are plastic and in a totally different shape. THEY STILL WORK; I'm not saying that they don't. However I'd prefer the steel ones…even the shitty OEM unit was connected with metal brackets…4. The fascia is a VERY tight fit…VERY. Be careful when pushing the new fascia on as it may take some pushing to get it on…when I say 'pushing' I was in the end putting¬†a fair amount¬†of my 80kg into it – BUT ONLY when I knew it wasn't hooked on anything else! I have done a couple dozen installs or more on the side so I have some experience with this stuff…if you are not sure then BE CAREFUL!! There are lots of stray cables so even though you may have to really 'convince' it to clip in; make sure nothing is in the way.After that props to Carbon Car for a great system.¬†I'm am quite competent with car audio installs so I am putting a significant stereo system in my wheels – I'm not saying what will be in¬†there. I think dudes that do that sound like bragging wankers. Send me a private message if you have some interest or any questions. If you live in Perth WA, aren't too sure about it and drink coronas then hit me up and I'm happy to stick it in for you and meet some WRX brothers…and sisters!

However I cant stress this enough; Carbon Car have gone to a lot of trouble to put a plug and play unit together so that even a muppet could¬†put this in. On top of that¬†it works great. There is no noticeable improvement in sound quality or volume…however if you are dropping a $1k+ head unit in your wheels then I do hope that you are at the least putting some upgraded front components in; WITH SOUND DEADENING.¬†I would¬†rate 10 out of 10 but the changed out brackets was disappointing. Don't leave with that thought and think it won't work though; mine is working fine (USB, Bluetooth music, Apple Carplay, reverse camera, digital radio, phone calls and all other things work).

Great job guys…and Dan I appreciate you chatting to me when I was scrunched up under the glove box¬†and letting me know where that last wire was meant to go ūüėĬ†cheers mate!

Hope this helps anyone who reads it and kudos to Carbon Car. Also props to my Year 12 English teacher for teaching me how to write essays…sorry about that but if you really want to do this install then you will read every word. The date now is 18/1/2018 and I installed it two days ago.

Carlton Jamison says:

I wanted to know do you guys ship to the US?

Miles Therkelsen says:

how do u keep the aux cable to work in the console?

jaminx2 says:

Is this a base model w/out Harman Kardan?

Kavin Intrada says:

hi there, does this change in head unit/stero unit improve the awful stock sound quality of the base wrx ?


tien truong says:

I've got a wrx my16 base non premium so that's the Sterling without the sat nav. Will this harness fit my car and retain original reverse camera. If so where can I buy this attachment.

raiden derp says:

is that the same as a 2018 wrx too?

Dimitry Nihalraj says:

7:30 Hi guys, would I be able to purchase one of these custom built harnesses from you? I've got a 2015 Subaru Forester 2.5s with the Starlink headunit (standard sound, not the premium HK setup). Thanks


Whats wrong with the original is it not a good head unit. Why change it?

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