How to repair a non spinning Sega Saturn

How to repair a non spinning Sega Saturn

How to repair a non spinning Sega Saturn

I picked up this Saturn from Buyee many many months ago and its been sat in the corner. Admittedly, the Saturn seemed to pass me by at the time, but I figure it would be nice to know if it lives!

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Ian Abbott says:

You should be able to use an audio CD to test the drive.

ches74 says:

Phone cameras can be used to check IR LEDs.

JolliAllGenGamer says:

Just got an ODE instead of repairing the drive.

SMaj7 says:

If you could do one on a Dreamcast that spins too fast (and never loads) that would be great! Although that said I've given up trying to fix it and ordered a GDEMU now haha

Hunter's Moon says:

One of my favourite consoles along with the Dreamcast.

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