Diagnosing A Faulty SEGA Saturn Console

Diagnosing A Faulty SEGA Saturn Console

This time on the Game Room, I look into a Faulty / Spares or Repairs SEGA Saturn Console that I have recently picked up off of eBay. See how I get on with it… do I get any success?



@revengenerd1 says:

I have a Saturn that looks just like this, a Japanese white model I changed the SRAM for FRAM and now it won't turn on! No power going in despite trying 2 different ReSaturn PSU's in that work in other Saturns so it must be something else, not sure if I damaged a trace somewhere.

@lamtatyan says:

Thanks for your video. My Saturn is suffering the similar problem but I am not sure if it is due to the power problem as well. I would like to check the PSU as well but I don't know how to "ground" the PSU like you mentioned. Can you be more specific? Forgive me I am a electronic newbie……

@GadgetUK164 says:

My guess is electrolytic capacitors! That Neo Geo CD PSU I looked at recently behaved that way with the voltages dropping under load. Check the smaller ones first!

@A3rgan says:

TOP102YAI will likely have failed (PWM switch). You can replace either the TOP202YAI (found in the UK version) or TOP102YAI (found in the 110/120v version) in these Yamaha manufactured PSU's with a TOP224YN. I've had to buy mine from CPC Farnell as I've received fake or faulty units via eBay when ordering.
Repaired 5 PSU's; 4x UK and 1x Japanese so far.

@Thriftbytes says:

Really like the look of them white saturns, Would look good next to a dreamcast.

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