Saab 9-5 DIY: Handbrake Adjustment – Trionic Seven

Saab 9-5 DIY: Handbrake Adjustment – Trionic Seven

This is a detailed instruction on how to tension the handbrake on your Saab 9-5, all model years. As the handbrake shoes wear down you need to perform this adjustment to get them to work correctly. If your handbrake is weak, does not stop the car, or if you must pull the lever hard before the brakes engage, this is the first thing to try. The car shown in this video is Annas’ 2006 Saab 9-5 Vector 2.0t Biopower Wagon.

Note that if this adjustment fails you might need to get new handbrake shoes and a new wire. They don’t last forever. Other names for the handbrake is the parking brake or e-brake.

Swedish: Så här justerar och ställer man in handbromsen på Saab 9-5. Det är ett vanligt fel på besiktningen att man har en handbroms som tar dåligt. Man ställer in handbromsen vid backarna och vid vajern.

How to replace the tires or wheels on your car:

Introduction to Saab T7 Tuning:

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Trionic Seven says:

Did you all see Phoenix in the intro? 🙂

Robin Forrest says:

Thanks for this. Pity it didn't drop into my inbox before. Spent Sunday changing discs and pads front and rear on my 1999 2.0t. I also changed my front drop links which were a nightmare to get off. I ended up having to cut the bolts off with an angle grinder. I hesitated a long time over a rear jacking point too. I don't have a tow hook but in the end I placed the jack at the same point as you and then put axle stands under the jacking points indicated by Saab. As for handbrake adjustment, I'll give it a try with your method as the hand brake is pretty feeble. Strange it wasn't picked up during the "contrôle technique" last month.
Great car but I'm lusting after a red aero estate. One day perhaps…

Un- Known says:

New to sab but is your car not the 95 estate ? Mines a 9-5 vectra saloon

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs says:

FYI , every how to person says to tighten the left rear is up . Either they don't know their left and rights. Up or downs. Easiest way to tell which way is tightening. Use a flash light and watch the star wheel you're spinning. If you can't see threads. It's all the way loose. Once you can see threads. You are tightening.

Filip Andersson says:

It’s the same as in the 9-3 ver 2 so u dont have to go under the car to adjust the cable

John Harris says:

Very helpful! Thanks!

Gord says:

Just adjusted mine today and discovered you can easily get to the adjuster wheel by removing one wheel stud saves removing the wheel if your only adjusting obviously if you want to inspect the discs and pads best to remove the wheel

Viktor Dimitrovski says:

so you just gave your wife a handbrake job basically

Vild Mark says:

Tack ! detta hjälpte . jag har en 93a så jag måste under bilen men det vissste jag inte men nu vet jag tack vare dig !

Ha en bra sommar!

Leon Grimaldi says:

bra video dock lite oklart för mig.. justerade du backarna med påslagen handbroms eller av..

jarecki m says:

Hello, gentlemen, I have a Saab 9-5 Linear TiD 1.9 150 BHP from 2007, the question is whether someone can tell me what size of the rear brake discs has this model. They can not answer me in any store.

Jamie says:

Thanks so much for this video! It should be the same on the V6, right? I am working on '03 9-5 ARC 3.0T and will be replacing the rotors and pads so I will do this while I am there (5 clicks and still no perfect lock). Is this easier with the rotor removed instead of going through the hole in the rotor?

bobbyhosweden says:

lift or sink =) Svengelska 101 =)

Samuel Liljeblom says:

Gör man samma sak på Saab 95 Aero -03 eller sa du i videon att de var annorlunda? Mvh

Darryl Sandilands says:

Thank you sooo much. I have found it very difficult to find good accurate and clear videos on how to on Saabs. You're video and efforts are greatly appreciated!

Ky5 says:

I just did my 9-3 which has same brakes as 9-5 and got 1.8kn for both sides.

The inspector (besiktningsingenjör) was very pleased.

Taifas Remus says:

Easyest way is to first close the screws all the way on both wheels and then release the screw with 4-6clicks depending on your shoe pad condition.

jd rancho says:

Fellow 2006 (and '99) 9-5 owner here. Great info. Glad I found your channel.

Peter Hellström says:

Tack för grym video. Har ptecis spänt min handbroms, detta underlättade arbetet enormt! Mvh

Daniel Karlsson says:

Grymt bra instruktionsvideo!

hector rosado says:

nice very detailed i always hated saabs until one was given to me great car

Pontus Hjortskog says:

I did this on my saab 9-5 -06 today, however.. pushing the screw upwards on the left side loosened the handbrake. Anyways, nice video as always.

Adam ST205 says:

A good tip and what I have always done on all my cars with drum handbrakes is to pre apply the hand brake 3 clicks then adjust the brake till they bind. Always gives me a really strong hand brake.


AS YOU SAID !!you should be glad you have a 95 and not a 93 ,,, ha ha !! well not in my case johno.. !!

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