Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – 2003-2006 Radio Removal and Replacement

Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – 2003-2006 Radio Removal and Replacement

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Moses Edson says:

Do you have the diagram for that connector?

Tom Ryner says:

I so love the button dash! I don't own a 9-3 but a 9-5 1998 chassies no 3500 of the line in 1997, and I absolutely find it the most eye catching dash of all gen I 9-5's. (Sans the pixel display). And Yes, I doo play cassettes and place calls on my Nokia 8110 banana phone from yore.
I Will buy a button dash 9-3 Aero (or a 1.8i 125hp to chock all you on the other side of the pond) and a later 2,8T Cabriolet plus a NG9-5 Aero…will send pics.

Hmmm…must build an eight car garage.

1. 1997 (-98) no 3500 Launch 2,3t 9-5 Cayenne red (my baby called Marianne)
2. 2020 Merc E 350de HGV hybrid (called Göran)
3. 2009 Opel Corsa 1.3 EcoFlex diesel Ming Green
4. 2020 Opel Corsa-E Electric
5. There will be a 9-3 button dash SC
6. A NG 9-5 2.8 Turbo
7. And if car gods willing a NEVS 9-3 all electric and a Sonett III V4
8. A Maptuned 9-3 2.8T Convertible

Ps. Our wedding ride was Christian von Koenigseggs Saab 9-3 2.8 255hp Cabriolet

caractacus brittania says:

I tried this….icm 2 for icm 1 in my
2005 vert.
Eml would illuminate every 3 or 4 days….each time I would disconnect battery and it would be OK again for a couple of days.
Tech 2 showed cim communication error….hmmmm
So I looked it up on here
The triangulation of communication between sid…cim…and icm was corrupted by not tech 2 ing the icm 2 echange.
Put the old one back in and all is fine again.
Allthough I will say the icm 2 worked fine….sid displayed swedish then symbols….then Eml.
Just saying…..

YoAndrewChill23 says:

I have a 9-3 and I want to install an aftermarket radio with screen. Do you think this would be possible

MrNiad says:

Hey! first of i wanna say i love your videos, been watching a lot ever sens i bought my first car, a SAAB 9-3 2003. Got a great price on it but there was some things that needed to be fixed. There is only one thing left, and that is the radio, its dead, now i am planing to do this fix myself as it seems to be fairly easy when watching this video, but i am worried that i am not gonna have the same luck with just sliding in a new radio and boom it works. Would be awesome if u had some time to answer this comment and explain what if anything i need to do other then getting a SAAB radio from the local car dismantling place that sells spare parts, such as SAAB radios 😛 AND if anyone else knows or can help me out, a big thank u ahead of time.

Mike C says:

Thanks for your videos helped me more than once.. as a new Saab 93 aero owner from nz I can use all the help I can get

fomalhaut86 says:

mhmmm…. nice having 3 hands 🙂

Danny Lawrence says:

Awesome definitely going do this on my 9-3

Your Mum says:

I have a 2002 9 3 and theirs like no upgrade options for the radio 🙁

MassiveTrackHunter says:

Congrats on the upgrade.
Regarding tech2. The linear radio only has one amp I believe? The ARC radio has two amps, front and rear. Nav radio has all kinds of stuff going on. Seems like a tech2 just programs the BCU and the radio to properly use them? I have never upgraded so I am only regurgitating what I can recall from chat sites. However, if the radio/CD/Aux works good on all speakers, maybe leave it and be happy. The only possible reason to tech2 would be if some aren't working, or CD or aux are not.

Stuart Bell says:

Great video! You could pop in a straight swap Android head unit with Waze, Spotify or whatever else you want to install.

Bradley Tefft says:

Have a quick question. I have a 2006 9-3 Aero with the ICM 2 and want to put in ICM3 with color screen. Do you think I would have to divorce the ICM2 and marry the ICM3? Since you did this video just unsure.

#NineThreeTurbo says:

When You don't program ICM2 or change something in EHU settings by Tech2 there will be two things: button "NXT" on steering wheel will be changing stations from one to six, and stop. Second, radio can remember only six stations. Check it out there, for example I don't have Tech2, so I have bought second EHU from car with ICM2 and replaced it.

Pfntom Productions says:

Love your videos man. I’m buying my 2006 aero this Saturday. I’m in Texas so how do manage your aero in 100 degree weather?

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