Saab 9-3 oil pressure sensor change | How to | Saab Oil Leak Problems

Saab 9-3 oil pressure sensor change | How to | Saab Oil Leak Problems

Saab 9 3 oil leak front of engine, Saab 9-3 oil pressure switch replacement, a common problem. Save yourself a bundle of cash and do it yourself
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This isn’t a difficult job, but it is somewhat awkward and will require some patience and perseverance. It’s worth it though – reducing oil leaks saves money and mess in the long run. Oil leaks ruin a tarmac drive. Plus the cost of the oil that leaks – it could be more than the cost of the sensor between services.

I got my sender from here:, I believe they deliver far and wide. The SAAB part number is 12635992.

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Cyclone Cyd says:

EDIT: reporting back as promised (5 months): this has cut my oil consumption by about 90%. There are almost no drips under the car now and the drive has stayed clean. Job jobbed, I'd say.

This is definitely the most common oil leak issue on these (and other) engines. I thought mine probably had several oil leaks, but lo and behold replacing this sender has cured almost all my leakage. In almost a fortnight now since doing this, my oil level doesn't seem to have dropped at all on the dipstick. I'll report back again after more miles.

R.P says:

I followed your directions.. the only thing i would add is you have to get the 24 inch snug on bolt. Once you hit it a couple times left and comes right off.

Brian Sidle says:

hi Cyd, really good stuff, thank you for your videos. I notice at ~ 1:44 when you remove the air delivery pipe that there appears to some sort of residue / oil showing up on the inside of the inlet? Is that from the brake cleaner?

Twa R says:

Would it be possible to access the oil pressure sensor from underneath the car to avoid removing pipes under the hood?

Servadac Eisenheim says:

Need to check mine as it is leaking really bad…valve cover gasket changed anyway….comes out somewhere between gearbox and engine and really bad on the back…

McDonald G says:

Im watching your video as a reference.. Thats how my look like all greasy

Mcdonald says:


Serena Hansen says:

Hi Cyd, I am hoping you could help me identify an oil leak on a Z20NET Vectra. Suspected crankshaft rear main seal.
It appears to be a fair amount of oil leaking between the engine and gearbox. Large patch on the road after running the engine but no noticeable drop on the dipstick at the moment. All the external suspects are dry (oil pressure sensor, dipstick tube, oil cooler, turbo oil lines at the back) and the oil is coming out from halfway up the gearbox making a hell of a mess of everything underneath. The visible starter motor gears have a misting of oil, and I am certain it is engine rather than gearbox oil.
Would you agree that it is likely to be a crankshaft rear main seal? I do not want to take it all off to change that, and still have the issue!

Thank you for all the fantastic content.

Stephen miles says:

this is so helpful thank you

5th Best says:

Cyd, I love the content. Somehow my '07 9-3 continues to have the same hiccups as yours! BTW, oil sensor was $12 USD from where I bought mine, much better than a few hundred at the shop.

Achi Shukuteki says:

Thanks for this. I'll be doing this soon. I noticed you switched out the vacuum lines for silicone. Do you have a diagram or video for doing this?

Big Daddy says:

Same location as one the v6?

nelson janeiro says:

Thank you know i want to replace my my fuel filter in my Saab 9-3 2005 i can not found it can you help me please thank u…

Adam Zahn says:

Hey Cyd, another great video!! Wondered if your saw my comment on another video about potentially doing a how to on how to replace the door lock actuator on the front left door on the Saab? I've seen a number of rear door replacements on here, but I can't seem to find a front door video and your videos are so well done!! Cheers!

Greg Cauchi says:

Love your videos… Really methodical approach and very clear instruction… You're a natural teacher. Suggestion: you don't need mindless music as filler – your content stands up on its own…. Cheers

Garry Frost says:

I love your technical terms Cyd, jiggery pockery! That famous mechanic's saying! lol Brilliant vids!

J says:

Is this the most common oil leak on these cars? My garage, when I was getting the car serviced, said I had a slight oil leak somewhere but they didn't say where. I'm going to check mine today. Mine's a 2005 Aero.

IPR says:

Thank you Cyd. Really helpful. What's the GM P/N for the sensor? Thanks.

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