Saab 9-3 Alternator Replacement (2.0T)

Saab 9-3 Alternator Replacement (2.0T)

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Auto Autopsy says:

Hey all, little update on the door lock/window malfunction: took the door panel off yesterday and noticed a connector was unplugged somehow. Reconnected it and the issue was solved. Something very simple, thankfully! 🙂

Aleksis Franko says:

Hey! I have SAAB 9-3 2.0t 2003 129kw, and i have white smoke, fuel smell, sound and feels engine works on 3 cylinders, i have cheng engine, i have change spark plugs and soils! I have heard that its bad ECU, but someone said it cant be, im stucked and dont know what to do?!

Adrian Leon says:

Just curious, what song was playing during the installation process

Bryan Valencia says:

Wait so did the abs light ever come back on after changing the abs module? Or did it come back on, and turn off after changing the alternator? Thanks

Larry Gage says:

First of all thank you for your videos.

My question is what alternator did you go with 140 or 120?

My wife has an 03 SAAB 9-3 Arc 6 speed.

Want to purchase, so I can drop off alternator and car with my mechanic.

Thank you,

Maloy Tirolsky says:

Do you know what alternator would be the right one? I need to replace mine and the closest options to OEM are Bosch… one with 90, 120 or 140A… I’m afraid is the last one because it has climate control, automatic and everything else electric… what is your opinion? Thanks!!!

Riaan Jonker says:

Hi Friend. I was just watching your video and I need advise, If you can help me. My car's lights is not working. When the switch is in the park light position all the lights switches, expect the headlights, obviously, this is correct. But when I switch the headlights on everything dead. According to Saab it was been told that my switch does not receive +X VOLTAGE. I have been testing the battery and the alternator, both working fine. I have ordered the orange relay and a switch. Any advise where I can look for fault. I have a Saab 93 2002 Turbo 2.0 Thanks. With Regards. Riaan

Caffina says:

Where can I find a stupid alternator for this car. I have checked every part store and they keep selling me the wrongs ones. Everything online is a 7 day shipping and I only have this car.

DW DW says:

Do you know where the camshaft position sensor is located?

suolihuuhtelu says:

.. 😀 this video came in handy sooner than expected..

Lamar Credle says:

Nice work, nice wheels what's the offset ? And I notice you have lowering springs how much did you lowered the car?

Peter Jackson says:

Gah, what a colossal pain in the ass!

رمضان على says:

فيديو مفيد و لكن نحتاج مزيدا من التفاصيل

Tom Spencer says:

That’s fiddly…but then there’s the 9-5 OG alternator r&r…SHEESH!!!! Completely buried under the oil trap on rear bottom of engine. Note to the wise: if you have 9-5 OG NEVEF EVER EVER drive through standing water. The alternator is as low to the ground as the brakes!!!

Michael Jordan says:

Found my issue you saved me tons of time

Steve Vandeveer says:

as you know these things a bitter then me my 2003 93 aero starts runs good about 5 minutes then idles really rough so I shut it off try start again turns over then died try to restart it just won't turn over I unplug the negative terminal plug back in and it starts up 5 mins later does it again any ideas?

Boogeyman B says:

How many hp ? 200.. My Saab 9-3 is the vector versión and is 2.0

Memebert says:

Dude, you really need to get some power tools for that easy screwing 😀

Denis Epiktetov says:

Great video! Good to know also how you release serpentine belt and that cooling line removal. Thanks! 🙂

Stev More says:

I wanted to know how you got the belt off. I bought the same tool and i had to cut it and make it shorter

Joseph Moghadam says:

Is your coolant supposed to be that high ? I have a 2004 arc 2.0t and the coolant levels way lower then that ?

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