Saab 9-3 9-5 Information Display Repair – New Ribbon Cable!

Saab 9-3 9-5 Information Display Repair – New Ribbon Cable!

Today we try to repair an Information display on a Saab 9-3. Main issue these see it the ribbon cable disconnecting from the board and no longer sends a signal to the display. With a new ribbon, this will easily fix the problem!

– Soldering Iron
– Soldering Iron T-tip for Replacement Ribbon Cable Installation

Ribbon Cables:
– Saab SID1 Ribbon Cable for Pixel Repair:
– Saab 9-3 SID2 Ribbon Cable for Pixel Repair:

Background music:
Lensko – Circles [NCS Release]


Disclaimer: I am not a certified Mechanic or electrician. my experience comes from many hours of searching for a solution to problems I face every day to help myself as well as family and friends. I film for entertainments with a little education on the side. Should you try to perform the tasks seen in this video, you do so at your own risk!



Quattro4life t says:

Do you need glue for this repair ?
Or just soldering

Adam Ball The Southend Guy says:

Great video, just done mine after watching this. Bit fiddley but easy enough.

Michael Piotrowicz says:

Do you think that placing some tape to either side of the display ribbon before you remove it to allow for alignment would work?

Rishard Lampese says:

Thank you. Disassembly was too fast though. I did this project with the AKSpeedo kit (ribbon and LCD). Just uses tape across the terminal on the board and a pressure pad that self sticks over that. Worked out perfect.

Runar Såtvedt says:

Hey its a gode video, but please don't put in the stupid and bad music. We don't need it.

Ky5 says:

Weird thing but my 9-3 has a sid 2 but the cable looks like similar to your sid 1 unit cable. I purchsed a sid 2 cable which looks like the other one you purchased first and it's wrong so open your sid unit and identify your cable type before ordering.

e5frog says:

I like how the flex cable just disappears from the PCB and display then we get to watch you clean for almost a minute.
There's no LED:s in that display, is there? It's just small light bulbs, right? Some other guy put some light on the light sensor to the left with his phone – to make the display brighter.
All that work and you settle for less than a perfect result?

Charles Stevenson says:

Nice video & helpful as I need to do this on my Saab too. Just one suggestion for others who view, it's better to use a thin bladed tool, such as a spatula or similar, to remove the unit, as a screwdriver can mark the surround or the unit if it presses in too far.

Riad Ahmed says:

Nop by ribon include LCD is the best way to avoid extra hard work .

Rob Wyman says:

Nice. I did this with the pixel fix silver non bond ribbon about a year and a half ago. kinda a pain but still working great.
Well worth the pain =) You should replace the bulbs too,

Tom Buckley says:

Did You try replacing the light bulbs?

Gilberto Vasconcelos says:

Many thanks!!!!! says:

Hi, what solder temperature?

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