Saab 9-3 03-11 Water Pump DIY (Ecotec)

Saab 9-3 03-11 Water Pump DIY (Ecotec)

Water pump kit here:

Friend of eEuro Kip Moncrief shows us how to do the water pump on his 9-3 wagon. We include all the parts and special tools in our water pump kit, used in this video. Check out and check out the kit, and other parts for your Saab today! This procedure will be very similar on all Ecotec derived engines.

As usual, eEuroparts is not responsible for any damage you do to your car in the process. This is a complicated process, and should always be performed by skilled hands.



DesertSessions93 says:

Who the heck looked at the cad drawings of this during development and said "yeah, I like this, this is a really good design. Let's make it!"?!?

Marc Mcclinchy says:

How much does the water pump cost? I have a 2005 saab 93

Whit Siever says:

I live in the south, we don't deal with snow nor salt, do I still need to use a torch on the exhaust and other lower bolts?

Coleman Steven, of the DMV says:

This was very helpful. Great video

Edgar R. says:

great video, what if we don't use sprocket holder? thanks!

gvboy60 says:

It looks like this car was in a lake for a month. That is A LOT of rust.

Robnting Tie says:

I was going to do this my self but after seeing what a pain in the ass it is and no lift I will pay someone to do it. Thanks for saving me the headache.

Monika Pagan says:

How long would this take for a backyard mechanic?

stocks4bt says:

Kip have you ever ran a saab engine outside of the car? I am doing an engine swap in 4 months and I want to test the engine out from the junkyard before I install it. How would I get fuel to go to the injectors to see how it runs? any advice

Cynthia Miller says:

this is the 2.0 4 cylinder engine right. I have the 2.8 v6. is mine belt driven instead of chain driven???

Gerardo Garcia says:

HEY wat kind socket you use ???

7808y says:

this job looks retarded. good job engineers

okletsskate says:

I really wish this video existed when I did the job. this thing was published a few weeks after. it took me 3 days, I sheared a bolt from my turbo and had to buy a used assembly so I replace the side that sheared. I absolutely hate this design on an otherwise solid car.

DaytonCarCare says:

LoL On a BMW 6 cylinder maybe a 30 minute job to do a water pump. 😉


I had the same thought, I thought the water pump , timing belt 1.6 liter on the chevy aveo was pain until I saw this!

charls seal says:

And I thought changing a water pump on 08 Camry v6 was a pain. Lol

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