How to fix a bad cold Idle in the Porsche 3.2 Carrera! (DIY)

How to fix a bad cold Idle in the Porsche 3.2 Carrera! (DIY)

Hi Everyone,

The cold Idle on our 1986 Porsche 3.2 Carrera has been getting worse so I wanted to get into that and see if we could get that sorted. The idle is fine when warm, but the car could run smoother, but cold it is lobey and rough. There are several bits to the Motronic fuel injection system, but only a few that are specific to cold starts. In this video I run you through my journey to find our offending part.

Tools and parts:

• HFS Carburetor Carb Valve Fuel Pump Pressure & Vacuum Tester Gauge Test Kit
• Small Multimeter: Velleman DVM850BL-VP Digital Multimeter with Backlight and Protective Holster, 3-1/2 Digit, 5.4″ H x 2.7″ W x 1.2″ D
• Driew Double Ended Leads Test Clips Crocodile Alligator Jumper Lead Set Alligator Clips Connector 10 pcs Pack (50cm,5 colors)
• Various tools to remove parts and such.

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Heidi and Franny's Garage says:

Hi Everybody, How is the idle on your 3.2 Carrera? Actually, this process applies to most cars – just follow the service manual and get to know all the players. The vacuum gauge I used is this guy: and can be used for low positive pressure for carburetor fuel systems like maybe a 356 or VW beetle 😉 If you have idle problems across the temp range, the service manual will walk you through each of the possibilities. Test them before just replacing. The Temperature sensor on my car reads as an open circuit (SB 90-6.8KOhm depending on temp), but is working just fine. If I pull that plug while the car is running the idle will start to surge badly. Replacing the position, speed and temp sensors isn't too bad, but is a bit cramped and fiddly. Let me know if you have questions. …list of parts and tools in the description. Thanks! Franny

F. Scott Fitzhemingway says:

You are so super cool ! thanks for the videos!

Noe Martinez says:

Did you have to unplug your battery before unplugging the valve sensor? I think my 85 911 might be experiencing these cold idle issues.

IFRPilotMN says:

Wonderful video and very helpful- thank you Heidi and Franny!

Kayoed Owner says:

Hi Granny and Heidi, As always this was extremely informative, the methodical way you go through the diagnostics is a lesson in it's self!  Mine is a 991.2 so I can't even see the engine, let alone tinker with, it but still I find all your video's nothing short of fascinating.

Charles Jacobus says:

Good job, Franny! Chuck

steffydog1 says:

Interesting stuff, ta

Trevor Macdougall says:

Great video, Franny. Thanks. My 3.2 has been rough idle on cold so I will try cleaning the idle valve like you did and see if that helps. Merry Christmas!

Alex Mestas says:

Thank you again! Great Video. Pesky problems made easy. Enjoyed it.

Axel Hofmann says:

I wished we had such good Porsche technicians and such wonderful weather in Germany. Many thanks for so many interesting videos in 2017 and Merry Christmas to enchanting Heidi & Franny‘s Garage!

77abcdef77 says:

Hey guys, can you detail the procedure on the cleaning of the Idle Control Valve? What exactly do you do, and how do you prevent damaging it in the process? Anything to watch out for?


Hi Heid and Fanny´s Garage congratulations …Here in Brazil today is MECHANICS DAY.

18echosf says:

After watching all of your videos, I’m always amazed at just how thorough you are when diagnosing different issues. You definitely get a thumbs up from me! Best wishes to you and Heidi for a wonderful holiday season!

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