DIY: Porsche Carrera 996/997 Spark Plug Service

DIY: Porsche Carrera 996/997 Spark Plug Service

Ok, so you have a Porsche but you’re not interested in paying ‘Porsche money’ to have regular maintenance done… This DIY will walk you through the steps of swapping your spark plugs on your 997.1, 996.2 and 996.1 model Porsche Carrera. If you have any questions post them below, and as always, thanks for watching.

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Ae trole says:

It took me 7.5 hours to do all 6 plugs.

Paul Curran says:

I competed it yesterday. It took me about 4 1/2 hours. No need to remove the muffler as suggested in many other places on the web. I recommend backing the car up on ramps and laying under the back of the car. This gave me good access to the plugs.

I recommend starting on the drivers side with the rear most plug and coil. This gives you experience as you move forward and also schools you on the passenger side rear plug because by the time you get there you will know the flow.

For others trying this – you can reach the rear plug on the drivers side both with your left hand from the front and your right hand coming up behind and through the exhaust.

I used a 3 inch extension and a flex joint spark plug socket. The dream tool would be a 4 inch extension plus the flex joint socket. This would help your ratchet handle clear the other electrical sensors adjacent to the plug bays.

DUCT TAPE YOUR SPARK PLUG SOCKET TO YOUR EXTENSION! I had never tried this, but it saved me tons of pain trying to remove the spark plug socket from the spark plug after installation. I saw this on another YouTube video and it is a lifesaver.

When it came to the passenger side rear spark plug, the biggest problem was not removing the plug. Since I learned so much by doing the driver side, it was actually pretty easy to remove it. I had access with my right hand from the front with a little help from my left hand in the back. The hardest part was walking the rubber boot back on the coil plug! It took 30 minutes trying to bring it back down. Do yourself a favor and grab a small needle nose pliers to pull it back down if you have trouble.

I was able to get a torque wrench to the passenger side rear plug, but there was too much slop in the torque wrench to get it to click given the limited amount of vertical up and down space with the torque wrench coming off to the right. My workaround is that I helped the torque wrench with my right hand and with my left hand I popped off the head of rachet, turned the ratchet head with my fingers while holding the handle as far up in the engine as possible. This would reset the ratchet teeth enough to have resistance at the top of the stroke instead of slop as I pulled down. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might know once you get into it. This method also works as you move to the middle spark plugs.

This job was easier than I expected. . Just get comfy on your back under the engine and be patient.

David Bybee says:

You have such a great attitude that learning from your videos is enjoyable and informative. I laughed out loud during this video. Good job.

Ro Fu says:

Nice video! Thx

Errol Kaai says:

Awesome DIY! Question, what front spoiler is that?

ProDrift101 says:

Now do this on a 997. Different animal

Marc Richardson says:

Thanks for some helpful tips.

Scott Thompson says:

Patience was my mantra on my Cayman S plugs. This tutorial will help when 997.2 GTS is due. Thanks man.

Gary Atkinson says:

CtRacerX….out of order

jpcal57 says:

Nice video, clear instructions. I'm going to attempt this in a couple days.

Richard Kwon says:

Did you do this all from underneath the car?

brandon chism says:

I’m attempting this today. I’ll let you know how it goes. Of the videos on non-turbo 997.1 cars, I found this to be most helpful.

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