DIY – Porsche 996/997 accessory belt change

DIY – Porsche 996/997 accessory belt change

Here’s a quick tutorial showing how to change the accessory belt on a water-cooled Porsche 911. It is an easy job that can be done in less than 15 minutes with a few hand tools.



tony chan says:

good video. didn't know there were jump start posts back there.

911Ben says:

Thank you for making this video. Helped me out

Walt Kowalski says:

Quality video, thank you.

Michael says:

Great video, very clear. Can you please tell me what Belt brand you used. I noticed that Porsche is about 3x the price of OEM belts. Where did you buy the belt ? Thanks.

Airmanmx1 says:

Eloquent explanation, thank you!

Don O says:

Nice video, seems like an easy job.

DESOUL007 says:

By chance have you done a video for changing the Alternator for the 997?

Ken Johnson says:

Great video as i learned alot. Thanks!

MadeByYHVH SavedByIησοῦς says:

Thanks for all the videos Stan Venson 🙂
YHVH Bless!

S.R. Gemmill says:

Another great tutorial for the Porsche 996.  Thanks so much for your mechanic expertise. I have watched and learned from several of your videos!!! A+ video!!!

Clint Hightower says:

Excellent video! Thank you and I will be copying some of your presentation style, slow clear and concise. Great job.

Kyle B says:


Is this what is known as the serpentine belt on a 996 Mk2?

terkapak says:

Well done! I don't even have a Prosche myself, but I enjoy watching this video anyway!

IulianE says:

another top video from you,thanks!

tempest411 says:

There's not a lot of belt engagement on the power steering on those cars, eh? Do they suffer from belt slippage on that pulley?

Monte Olsen says:

Awesome video! Thanks, Van. I can definitely put this one to good use. I didn't realize it was so easy to take out and install the belt.

Daniel Barkman says:

Nicely done but i think you banged that belt against the rear bumper 64 times! Next video how to repaint a 996 rear bumper?

Good Life says:

Great job Van

jrmym2 says:

Now all I need is a Porsche…

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