Peugeot 107 Indicator Stalk Repair, "No New Parts" Same as Aygo, C1 CityBug

Peugeot 107 Indicator Stalk Repair, "No New Parts" Same as Aygo, C1 CityBug

Indicators Not Working Turning Right / Left, How To Remove & Repair Stalk.
This is a common fault on the City Bugs, Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107, Citroen C1,
This Peugeot 107 Has only done 33000 miles and the indicators have been gradually getting worse, until they completely stopped working on right turns.
I was able to remove the stalk and successfully repair it, with no issues.
The stalks from the main dealer very expensive, around £130.

Link to new stalk on amazon £21,

Links to all tools used,
Link to Silicone grease (optional) £6
Link to Milwaukee Bit Box £12

I have has a few comments about the main beam being stuck on after rebuild, thanks to Stuart brown for this great information:-
Thanks for this excellent video, I wouldn’t have attempted this without these detailed instructions showing every step – the indicators on my daughter’s 56 plate 107 now working again! Also had the problem with main beam stuck on first time – found there is a piece a plastic (visible above your thumb and forefinger holding the cotton bud at 20:15) which isn’t fixed and can jump off the little knob below it, and end up sitting in front of it instead of on top of it. This stops the stalk moving between the dip and main beam positions, and seems to force main beam on. Worked fine once taken apart (again!) and returned to the right position.
Hope this helps someone else.
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David Jones says:

Clear and easy to follow video, probably save on £130 for part plus 2hrs labour at a garage . Thank you so much.

Kevin Partridge says:

Thank you so much for this. I had the exact same issue on a Toyota Aygo. This step-by-step video fixed it for me too. Top man!!!

Saffy says:

I'm so cack-handed and rough with everything I'm slightly concerned I'll be snapping off bits of plastic or worse! BUT gonna attempt it this w'end I think. Such a great video, thank you.

C Lane says:

£300 saved, 2 hours work and it was easy to follow.. 2006 C1 is only worth £300!! I tried switch cleaner but to no avail, it was full of black burnt grease but now it works a dream. Car is still only worth £300 though but I'm pleased.

Dave Folwell says:

Nice job cheers mate needed to do before mot.

D C says:

I’d much rather mend than chuck the whole thing in the bin and replace as is so often the case nowadays and thanks to your clear instructions I got this job done no bother and with no cost beyond my time. Particularly helpful showing how to deal with those little clips on the back of the unit. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Jerry Horwood says:

Great video. The recessed screw hidden under the cowling seems to need a female phillips socket of some sort. You managed with a crosshead screwdriver, but I think I need a special tool? Here's a link to a pic of the concealed screwhead

AB Bodyworx says:

Just used this guide to fix a car I was running up for MOT tomorrow. Worked a treat. Thankyou

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