3.8L WATER PUMP GM, BUICK, CHEVY, PONTIAC replacement FAST! 3800 series II 95-05 Olds

3.8L WATER PUMP  GM, BUICK, CHEVY, PONTIAC replacement FAST! 3800 series II 95-05 Olds

QUICK OVERVIEW ON HOW TO REPLACE THE WATER PUMP IN A 1997 Buick with 3.8L 3800 Series engine.

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panzerF1 says:

"Quick and easy." My 7 hours of hard work and pain say otherwise. I do everything on my vehicles myself yet i will NEVER do this again and if i have to i am just taking it to the shop. That was the hardest shit I've ever done.

ROD Sculpture says:

I paid & 300 for replace water pump and thermostat. But now I hear a noise when I hit the pedal gas. What can be?

Semour Buttz says:

Nice "non babble" information. Fixing to give one of these a whirl, nice heads up. Doesn't look to bad.

The steve standard anthing goes says:

I subscribed just because you were right to the point and also gave your opinion on what could be done if given the chance and for good measure

9 mm says:

Great vid, man. I already know how to do a water pump but thought I should get a quick peek to see if there's anything unusual or tricky on a 3.8, picked yours because it was short. So many help vids out there poorly edited or way too much blah blah. No nonsense was perfect.

Jay Vee says:

The impeller disintegration is caused by the garbage GM Dex-cool coolant. Smart owners flush that junk and replace with good ol ethylene glycol green coolant.

Jay Vee says:

No need to dismount the PS pump! There are holes in the PS pump pulley that you pass the socket extension thru to access that one WP bolt.

jig fig says:

how much would this job cost? i have a 99 lumina ltz with the same motor. it never overheats. soon as the temp needle hits the middle, it starts to go back down.but i smell a lil bit of coolant after a drive. the low coolant light has been tweaking for 3 days. i checked and the proper amount of coolant was there. it only has 87k. i subbed to your channel as well.

colt ACP says:

5-minute water pump replacement damn you're fast man lol

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