Nissan Altima LED Headlights How To Install – 2013-Present

Nissan Altima LED Headlights How To Install – 2013-Present

NOTICE: LEDs installed on this vehicle were for show car and instructional purposes only. Exterior LED bulb replacements for headlights are not legal for street use in USA. Exterior LED bulb replacements are only legal for Fog Lights in road vehicles and off-road usage. Please check with your specific location’s laws before installing and using them in your vehicle.

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Aziz Tash says:

Great video! Thank you

DGBrosmusical says:

Today I replaced a light bulb (5w halogen) located near the pedals, and before I changed it, it used to work few seconds after I open/close doors.
Today I replaced it with a beautiful Led T10. It works but now is still on even if I am driving. I like it but..
Is there any problem?
Do you recommend me going back to halogen in order to avoid other issues? Thank you in advance!

j g says:

I have to replace the turn signal bulb on my 2016 Altima. The bulb is $9.99. The work is an entire afternoon DIY or pay a mechanic $150+. What happened to unscrewing two screws to the headlamp assembly and popping in the replacement bulb!

Rob Mur says:

Is this the same for the high beam.

Kihoon Yi says:

Do I need to remove the wheel?

Houston Texas says:

I came here because fuck these big new trucks on the road today who blind you from a 100 yards. It's pay back time, it's bad when you have to slow down from 75mph to 40mph because you can see the road. I drive a lot, this is a must for me.

And One says:

It's a Mad World! Thanks.

José Manuel Pérez Diaz says:

How do you change the high beam?

Jonathan LaBoy says:

Amazing video. Used to install my headlights and watched the interior one for that install. I'm certainly pleased with the lights and these videos are super helpful. Thank you.

AeRoW_329 says:

how would you change the high beam lights?

Austin Leaphart says:

I’m doing this right not with out a jack stand or anything and I’m under the car and I can only see the orange lower light

Juan Gonzalez says:

what do you mean fifth generation? I have nissan 2013 but but i dont know the lights fit in my car

Kirk B says:

Lol i have the same car and color

Matthew Jones says:

excellent Instruction- thank you!

Michael Cenac says:

Great video. Are the instructions the same for the high beam lights?

Larry Jokhan says:

Fantastic video. Thank you so much!

ANu Sub says:

What about the highbeams no one has shown where those are it’s very hard to get to..

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