How to Replace Passenger CV Axle Inner Boot 07-13 Nissan Rogue

How to Replace Passenger CV Axle Inner Boot 07-13 Nissan Rogue–p8
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace broken, worn, or vibrating CV axles. This video is applicable to the 12 Nissan Rogue

🚗 The video is applicable to 2012 Nissan Rogue

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Auto Fix Pal says:

I made a video for this same job same vehicle.. I did not have to remove the ball joint from the spindle. I dont reccomend doing it that way as its more difficult. Its easier to remove the spindle from the struts with the 2 21mm bolts. They always come loose and no it does not require an alignment when you reassemble. awesome video by the way.

Jackson Cruz says:

Trying to find the axle boot for the drivers side inner. Is it the same as the one installed in this video? Can you please post the part number for it since I can''t find it on the 1A Auto site.

Robert Swaim says:

My.mechanic changed boot axle and bracket car had 73000 miles on it bill was 585 tried to get a little help from nissan they didn't care

daMacroGuy says:

If my mechanic does the repair next week as well as you did I'll be a happy camper….until I get the bill of course.

Dave Killam says:

Looks like a new axle in the re-assembly.

Al Dunn says:

how many times did you change gloves?!


How much was that job?


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