Mitsubishi ASX replace battery

Mitsubishi ASX replace battery

Replacing the battery in a Mitsubishi ASX – shouldn’t take more than an hour or less.



Ahmet KumaƟ says:

Guys do you have any idea what is the brand of orginal batttery which is old one in the video

Vincent Thibault says:

Useful but the vehicle is not user friendly at all. Changing a battery should be done in less that 20min. Good job to the nameless engineer who designed that.

Tudor Tanasa says:

Thank you! Very useful video!!!

Gerry Tiamsim says:

Puede ba replacement ang Motolite 1SMF?

Piotrek TakiTam says:

Thank you. Very useful material.

Kalvin One says:

Thanks !!! what is the battery replacement for that model you have just bought ? Thanks as there's no possibility to get the exact references.

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