RRJB Outboard jet pump 2020 mercury 90-65 install

RRJB Outboard jet pump 2020 mercury 90-65 install


Brett Allen says:

Mason, I have a unit stamped OUTBOARD JET PUMPS. Anyway, I'm tWANT TO take it off tto switch out with a prop — as I live on a 29 mile deep water lake, upstate NY. There's no videos on how to do it anywhere? How many BOLTS, where? Are they all except one inside the impellor? I NEED to determine how many splines are on my drive shaft (4 or 16?) – The stupid ID plate is missing off my 1886 Johnson 3cyl, VRO 20in engine, and the Lower Unit I need IS FINALLY AVAIL ON EBAY!!! Help… I may need to eat some of that LITHIUM Grease by tomorrow. Never even seen one b4 yesterday! Thanks…

Ray Bly says:

I have a 2016 mercury 150 4 stroke that has a pump on it but want to remove it and stick a prop on, I have the lower unit , new cables and bay kit, Have you done this conversion or have any videos I can watch? Thanks !!

Sergio Provasio says:

The hair and the accent are a perfect match. Cheers!

Twisted Jig Co. says:

90/65 4 stroke on a 1648?? I have a 1750 and feel like mine would squat too far on the transom. I have a 60/40 2 stroke and it’s right on the money. But I wish mine had taller sides.

Ricky Smith says:

Could I replace my prop for a jet on my 70hp Evinrude 1991 model?

pcdubya says:

Great info and explanation and nice of you to throw it out there.

MT scott says:

Very timely video. I rebuilt the pump on my 60/40 for the first time. Ready to reassemble. Thanks.

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