Boat Skeg Repair video

Boat Skeg Repair video

repair of Boat lower unit skeg



Joshua Rivera says:

Buy a skeg gard if u on a budget…..but not taking away from my man's quality work and a job done right.

lord cu mopton says:

Never let your wife or girlfriend at the helm , this is the kind of thing that happens ….!

Faiza Aman says:

Kalu nak inat kan tahun 1987

Homes by Jamie says:

Awesome, very talented!!

stanley smith says:

Are you in Texas? Any recommendations? Beautiful work !

Timothy Berlinski says:

Is it safe for the lower unit to weld a skeg on? I was told its bad for the seals, but if they went alow should be fine?


very nice workmen ship, well done keep it up

Richard Sacher says:

Super keep up the great work, you have a great eye and talent.

cris cri says:

wow from venezia…..italy

teodoro alfaro says:

How i can hire that guy to fix my boat keg

Bob Bell says:

Nice shop and craftsmanship

Ignazio Pili says:

Complimenti complimenti, per il lavoro veramente professionale, da vero artista artigianale….

thehappyTexan says:

Well made video, nice work, and nice to see a young guy doing a job most would never bother with. I’m all for fixing something vs throwing it away and just replacing it.

Dieter Ronsberg says:

I wish all videos in here would be as good as this one! Very well done and great repair job too!!!


That skeg was bent a little to the left

Jay dog38 says:

Awesome job!

علي ابراهيم says:

Hello question Does this piece affect the balance of the boat I have the BIOS because I have the piece mentioned in it simple warp does it affect sugar

Mud Puddle says:

Not only was the craftsmanship amazing, but the filming of the work was quite amazing. Well done!

Martin Odendaal says:

Thanks for a well done video and job. Description says " Skeg repair " and that is what we got ! .. not talking a bunch of rubbish while holding a glass of liquor trying to look cool or mafia and presenting a bunch of horrible welding and demonstrating inability !
Great job !

SunfreeTV says:

that was the worst worst wield i ever seen

mick cv says:

Is it ever needed to pull the bearing carrier out to do weld repairs to the skeg?

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