Mercedes Control Arm Replacement – Easy Fix for Common Issue (CLK 550, W203, W209 – Rein)

Mercedes Control Arm Replacement – Easy Fix for Common Issue (CLK 550, W203, W209 – Rein)

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The most common source of Mercedes front end noise, vibration, and alignment issues are the front upper and lower control arms. In this video we show you the replacement procedure using the highest quality Rein OE components from CRP Automotive.

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ben dy says:

Followed the video step by step and changed my front suspension on my Mercedes
Excellent video
Would never have attempted it without it
5 star

john smith says:

good, so far no one talk about the control arms large bolts and why they have oposing slots along them, and how they should be positioned.???

Rex Leung says:

This rod does not fit. Camber cannot be adjusted.

Teyh Leslie says:

Hi, is it possible to do this without a lift?

Jim Lascody says:

is this valid for a 2012 E550 coupe? I know this is an old post but…crossing fingers.

Reynaldo Rodriguez says:

Good video, hard to order from that website link I like to order the exact same parts you have in the video but the website link has no easy way to order just part numbers and 1-800- numbers so I went ahead and order my parts some where else , I would like the parts on the video but I’m sure costs to much , so I got me oem parts I need for less than $100

UhhhOhNoo0oo0OoOoo0oo0 says:

Just what I want to be doing with my afternoon.

Daddy Duke says:

Just bought a kit and Swarbar links does the car have to be loaded

Mina Moheb says:

Do u need to put thread lock on the bolts?

Redline2010 says:

Man, you guys are the shit. I buy everything from you guys. Thanks for the videos and the OEM quality parts. Keep up the good work.

J. Fred says:

GREAT video.
Good idea changing all the bushings & suspension links.

Craig Richards says:

Great video. I have a question also.. I went for a wheel alignment recently and the car is still slightly pulling left. I was told I needed to purchase adjustable lower control arm bushes to fix the issue.

Firstly, not sure the original lower control bushes were adjustable and secondly why would you replace the whole lower control arms and not just the bushes. I’m new to suspension but comfortable working on my cars.

youtoobe169 says:

Could control arms cause the sound in my video here? 2004 CLK500

Andrew Kerr says:

Good video,
Do you not use loctite ?

jijiloni v says:

And where you will put the camber bolt????

john nash says:

that's great demonstration but I do question torquing the inner bolts without the full weight of the vehicle on the wheels I did get the object of the exercise thanks

Dominique Opferkuch says:

You ommitted to mention that proper wheel alignment is Impossible to do with your control arm.

Caster adjustment is prohibited by your control arm bearing.

Hands off such mockup copy parts.

Murat Kaynar says:

Why did you use protectives?

Emil Nad says:

Anyone knows if this would be the same on w211?

Sher John says:

The torque specs are all wrong .. be careful.

daniel moodie says:

“…safer because it doesn’t involve banging anything…”

*Grabs hammer and starts banging

Thought that was a little funny. Excellent video. Subscribed.

DRIVER///1 says:

The torque in this video is not entirely correct.
Check these data sheets for official information (german):

at the very bottom of each sheet is the torque for the strut. For the other specifications translate /search yourself.

Yousaf Akhtar says:

my car is always shaking and a bit all over the place when I drive, constantly correcting it , will slide in a bend even at slow speed, but different garages can't find the fault , had tyres changed , aligned but nothing, it will even sway/shake when stopped at traffic lights when a car passes by.

Michael Østergaard says:

2:45 "Looks like it will go by hand"…. Is this likely to happen on a 10+ years old ball joint ???? Never !!!

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