How to Replace the Crank Sensor on a 2001 Mercedes C240

How to Replace the Crank Sensor on a 2001 Mercedes C240

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing the crank sensor on a 2001 Mercedes C240.

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Not C King says:

Bro be honest you didn’t get it out like that did you? I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work like this. I’m this close to taking the whole engine out because I don’t see any other way to loosen the sensor

farrad aghajanian says:

Why was the part replaced ?

Terrence Taylor says:

Get the car up and do this from the bottom, way much easier.

canelo says:

My friend, can you explain a little more about what was your car doing, did you have fuel pressure, did the engine chranck but didn't start? Thank you buddy


My car starts but if I turn it off after I go to lets say… the market or getting gas, it doesn't turn on, it just keep cranking it won't turn over, could this sensor be y?

Uche Ojadi says:

Great presentation. keep it going

Christopher Starzyk says:

Great video thanks for the helpful tips. This job was a real PAIN IN THE ASS. I have large hands so it was very hard. My right hand and wrist is so sore now lol. I tried a variation of extensions, tried the universal joint in different spots, used tape to hold the angle of the socket because the darn bolt is blocked by the senor. I dropped the bolt a few times and had to fish it out. But she did start after completing the job and I let her run a few minutes and she didn't shut off. I cleaned my MAF sensor while I was at it and tomorrow I will clean the elbow and the throttle body, along with replacing the air filters and I will drive her after that. Fingers crossed after the engine comes up to temp she will not shut off.

Bernie Samuels says:

My 01 c240 stopped running on the frwy, felt it loose power as I give it gas, got it towed. After getting it home I would start it but it would only idle until I give it gas then it would shut off. No check engine light, what could cause this ?

J Brown says:

Thank you so very much. This video was instrumental in my C240 running again. Keep up the great videos.

Kelvin Barnes says:

Would it be easier to do this job by lifting the car and working from underneath? I have the 2005 C240 4Matic.

patrick holt says:

I did one today and it was a pain…tip a deep 1/4 works a whole lot better than that E8 torx

Yura Voloshin says:

Super! But same for motor M271?

Muhammad Khalil Siddiqi says:

Thank you for the video it was very useful thanks again.

Shane san miguel says:

Nice tutorial!

david benson says:

That's why I hate mercedes very hard to work on.

B16SAF says:

Will that be in the same place on a ClK 200 kompressor w208?

Duke Bongane says:

Thanks for the video it was really fruitful, so if you do not clear the codes will it not start?

Bob Saget says:


Robert M says:

Thanks for the well done video. Sadly though, the moral of the story is this- if you own a Mercedes, you're a clown. Take these piles of junk and use them for target practice or just push them into a lake somewhere. I replaced my crankshaft position sensor 4 times. Car again won't start now. Junk junk junk cars. You'd be better off with an old used Yugo.

Ștefana Cotelnic says:

Hi, is the Camshaft Position Sensor located in the same spot on a 2007 w211? The same job ? And is that the fix for the code P0341 ?

planestrainsandautomobile says:

great job on your video Brian. One quick question will it be on the same location on a 2003 c320?

Frank Thomas says:

thanks for the video it was very helpful. one suggestion though is to remove the MAF and elbow to the throttle body. This actually gives you more room to get your hand down into the area of the sensor.

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