How to Install a Trunk Spoiler – Mercedes C300 W205 No Drill Spoiler Installation with 3M Tape

How to Install a Trunk Spoiler – Mercedes C300 W205 No Drill Spoiler Installation with 3M Tape

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Adding a spoiler to a Mercedes C300 or any other vehicle is easy and adds instant style! Today I’m going to show you my installation of trunk spoiler on my 2015 C300 W205 model. This is a pre-painted spoiler from but there are other websites you can get this too. This spoiler is the larger version so it’s a bit different than the factory spoiler.

The first thing to do is mark the center point of the spoiler. Fortunately there are lines under the spoiler that work as a reference where I’ll mark the center with tape. The great thing is that I can use this mark to line it up with the center of the Mercedes star on the trunk.

I also bought some 3M double sided molding tape to replace what came on the spoiler. I got the 3M Molding Tape which is half inch with product number 03614. The reason I bought my own tape is because I found that the tape that was already installed on the spoiler wasn’t very sticky. Plus the included tape was attached at the wrong spot for the back of the spoiler so it didn’t even make contact with the trunk. So I just peeled off the old stuff and cleaned the underside of the spoiler. Then just stick the new 3M tape to the edges of the spoiler. Just make sure that you get the tape right on the edge of the back of the spoiler. That was the part where the original tape didn’t make contact with the trunk. Just go slowly and follow the curves with the tape. The better job you do here the better the spoiler will stick to the car.

When I was done I added two tape strips on the part that will attach to the top of the trunk for a bit more security. And before installing I cut and split the protective layer in the center of the spoiler shown here exposing a bit of the adhesive. Make sure you clean the trunk surface and wipe with a bit of rubbing alcohol first. I was able to line up the center tape mark with the tip of the Mercedes symbol. Lightly stick the center of the spoiler down onto the surface of the trunk and look at the ends of the spoiler to make sure it’s evenly spaced.

When it looks good start to slowly peel off the plastic off the tape. When you’re peeling just pull a little bit at a time and press the spoiler against the trunk so it sticks. Pull a little from the top and then do a little from the back. There’s no rush so again do this slowly.

To get the best results do your installation on a warm day. I had my car out in the sun earlier and it’s cooled off a bit but at least my trunk isn’t too cold. If you’re doing this in the winter you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the surface of the trunk. Keep pressing and applying pressure to the spoiler as the tape is peeled off.

When the spoiler is attached just go over the whole area applying pressure with a cloth just one more time before finishing. This spoiler looks great on my C300 and the color match is right on with the Metallic Gray. If you’re color matching your spoiler, you can find your body color in the door jamb here near the VIN number. Mine is C755 for Metallic Gray.

At freeway speeds the spoiler seems very secure using the 3M tape. I don’t think I’d be as confident using the tape that came from the factory. If you’re ordering a pre-painted spoiler keep in mind that there will be extra time in shipping because they actually paint these as they’re ordered. My last bit of advice is that if the spoiler didn’t come with 3M tape then replace it like I did.

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My paint code is C590 , Mars Red.

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Do you know if this fits a 2016 c300?

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Hi, I was considering one of these but was worried that there would be a slight gap caused by the 3M tape between the trunk and spoiler, would you say it’s noticeable?

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Great video! Thanks for sharing!

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I bought 3 m tape anyway. Idk how good the tape included is. My wing could be airborne and it's too late. Good vid

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