How To Fix Your Expensive Mercedes-Benz Alternator For Super Cheap. No More Warning Lights!

How To Fix Your Expensive Mercedes-Benz Alternator For Super Cheap. No More Warning Lights!

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Google Doc List of Models with replaceable Voltage Regulators. This list will grow so if you don’t see your car just send me an email and I’ll look it up for you.

Check out FCP Euro and their awesome Lifetime Warranty.

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stephen garlington says:

I bought a used 2009 SL 550 with 49k. In the first year of use at about 56k I had to replace the motor mounts, blower motor, AC compressor and dryer and hydraulics which leaked fuild all over the driveway. At Just curious is this in anyway normal for this model.

Hot Mike says:

Thanks, Alex. I replaced the voltage regulator in my 1985 Mercedes 300TD euro for about $14 bucks. Did all the work with the alternator attached. Simply drove it up onto some ramps and did the work in less than an hour. Replaced it 8 years ago and still going strong. Now, because of your channel, seriously considering a 2003-2006 Mercedes AMG. They don't seem so scary to own, now. Thanks for that.

dirt lint says:

extremely good idea for google fdoc

Jose Garcia says:

He says to charge your battery if below 12v. Don't make the alternator charge the battery if under 10v, it will shorten it's life.

Mateusz Wydra says:

Great movie as always Alex ! You need to make them more often cus waiting week for it is too long !

Go to Woah says:

Once again, a high quality, easy to understand how to video! I learned more about alternators from this post than all the books & manuals I've read over the years. Great effort, keep them coming!!

jvakos says:

Alex – again awesome videos and so helpful!!! i had this same alternator issue on my 2003 C32 and just removed the voltage regulator and replaced the brushes and been good as new!!! Thank you thank you for the awesome Mercedes AMG updates so valuable and helpful!!!!

Egzecutor e says:

Alex, did you restore the headlights on your car? What product did you use? They look awesome.

lilpoindexter says:

It's a german car thing. my BMW 528e did the same thing.

Jacob Cook says:

efficient secure male though mirror deal whether locate.

Sam Gray says:

I had a 2007 C230 Sport that I went through 2 batteries before I got rid of it…at a huge loss. It worked fine for the first months I had it but then one morning it's dead but I think the alternator still worked because I jumped it and it would drive for another day or so. I wish I knew what was draining it and then second battery I put in-but $$ to figure that out I just couldn't do it. Was hoping to drive that thing until the wheels fell off.

FirearmTutorials .com says:

Went through 2 alternators on my C32 in 8 years. Wonder if this would have fixed mine.

Jarl Nieminen says:

My advice always take the alternator out…..unless you really like losing tiny screws.

Eric Larsen says:

My guess for the next failure is the crankshaft position sensor. easy fix for $23-$30

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