Here's Why Mercedes Hates Their Customers

Here's Why Mercedes Hates Their Customers

Here’s Why Mercedes Hates Their Customers, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Mercedes Benz car review. Worst luxury car to buy. Buying a new Mercedes. Buying a used Mercedes. Should I buy a Mercedes. Why Mercedes smell. Why not to buy a Mercedes. The truth about owning a Mercedes. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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dalton knox says:

When I lived in S Carolina, I learned to turn off the air conditioner but leave the fan on for a minute before parking the car.

Alwin Mathew says:

I have a MB and I had the moldy AC issue. I cleaned out the AC system and replaced the cabin filter and it never came back. Check out my YouTube channel for a tutorial for anyone that has a W205

Cristobal montano says:

Old Mercedes Benz are very strong , their materials are amazing and for the most part they don't give much problem; but their parts are expensive because they are made for a long lasting vehicle. Now a days, cars are made with cheaper material and their parts are cheap too because they are made for a disposable vehicle.

Cactus Rider says:

With that serpentine belt being so old it actually broke, couldn't a worn out tensioner cause it to act funny?

Venture Electronics says:

Hey scotty hold on there.That hen in your picture did not have any teeth.

Mark Bowman says:

I wonder how long Mercedes Benz cars were more reliable. For example my Grandfather bought a Mercedes 300D new in 1983, it lasted him till 2008, when the Northeast Winters finally took their toll, and it wasn't financially viable to do the frame rust repair, but overall it was a reliable, and great vehicle for him, around 200,000 miles when traded.

Vietkong Fire says:

Use lysol spray cans and turn ac full blast.. set air flow to non recycle , spray lysol directly into the outside vent near the windshield until lysol can is empty.. Close all windows and let the lysol stay inside car overnight… That will really cut the molds out

مجلة صوت العرب وفلسطين من امريكا says:

07 sienna stinks too hvac issues smells like old socks

scott šzabo says:

astonishing to some, Mercedes once was about as reliable as Lexus is today. many cars in this segment (BMW, Volvo, Sabb) were once built like tanks and were rock solid reliable, and required little more than replacement of common wear and tear items and adherence to maintenance intervals during the period of ownership. the concept of ‘planned obsolescence’ seems to directly correlate with the business of leasing vehicles and length of the warranties.

Willyboy W. says:

@5:15: Dude should look for a Sequoia.

Mulani Aleem says:

Im high off indo sippin on some kenco, lets be friends though while staring out my window..

Sam Lung says:

And here's why my wallet slaps me to this day… because i used to an 09 M5, an 09 S6 and a 12 550i. Not at the same time ofc, my wallet would have committed jump off cliff.

Ray Dunlap says:

Scotty, Looking at buying a bagged 2008 GMC Sierra, 5.3 75k miles for 14k, what do you think?

GjS ThreeFourSevinOneOne says:

You explained MB's attitude. Pay us to keep the very sophisticated system clean. Of course you can't do it yourself and the dealer cost is outrageous.

JME R says:

So thats why the E class has a built in perfume dispenser in their cars

Cristobal Arriaga says:

With 5 to 7k you can find a really beat up 80 series with over 300k miles or an early 100 series also over 300k miles

fox foxxes says:

Just got a Mercedes lease and I don’t care ahhahahwhah

Recovering New Yorker says:

“German engineering“ is a contradiction of terms!

Nikola S says:

Didn’t Toyota have similar problems with mold and smells in their HVAC system, along with a lot of other cat manufacturers????

Ara Esmail says:

Hey Scotty is a 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe good car to bay I love that car the 3.5l v6 4wd one s

Caden Wulf says:

Hey scotty what do you think about a 1965 ford f100 manuel with a 352fe?

70carlton says:

In the olden days a manual transmission was,"standard equipment" and automatic was optional….

Garfield Smith says:

"I love the smell of mold and mildew in the morning. It smells like defeat."

Lawrence H says:

Awesome! Buy a fancy $100K+ German luxury car and it comes with its own musty basement smell, absolutely free of charge! So basically, Merecedes is so bad, they're being dogged by a problem that even GM has solved. Buy a Toyota….

Garfield Smith says:

Mercedes quality has gone to the shitter. Their customer service is terrible world wide. I have heard them referred to as the "Three Point Swastika".

heymisterderp says:

I can't believe that Earl the Mule bought a Lincoln after bragging about how reliable his old pickup truck was. Clint Eastwood took a swipe at Toyota in the movie too; I'll leave it to others to find that Easter egg

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