Here’s How Much The Cadillac & Mercedes Dealer Want To Fix My Air Suspension. Plus DIY Option.

Here’s How Much The Cadillac & Mercedes Dealer Want To Fix My Air Suspension. Plus DIY Option.

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All FCP Euro Parts for the E55 are in this Shopping Cart

BC Coil Overs and non airmatic rear control arms from VRP.

Escalade Conversion Kit on Amazon. Made By Arnott

Escalade Rear Air Shocks

Escalade Air Compressor

Escalade Front Monroe Electronic Shocks

Google Doc With Labor Times is Coming soon. Thanks so much for watching and see you next video.



LegitStreetCars says:

What would you guys do? Do you love your air suspension or would you ditch it all?

Marcos Silva says:

Well done Alex… Another great video. I drive a 2003 SL 500 with 150,000 miles. I don’t have any issues right now but who knows when I will need all that good information you just gave us.. Thanks!

Ira Do says:

Hey Alex – another excellent video! You De-mythed the nightmares I was hearing about airmatic. Would love to see a video on a bigger MB AMG such as the S63 or S65.

TerryKirs says:

Alex, great video. My 2006 E500 needs this work now! Does eliminating airmatic in favor of mechanical springs on a W211 E500 create ride and handling issues? For instance, are additional anti-roll bars needed on a mechanical suspension conversion? Also, how is the ride height (compared to stock airmatic) and ride quality (harshness) on the Arnott mechanical suspension kit?

drissistg says:

I just fixed the hidropneumatic suspension on my 20yr Citroën with a 4 bucks fuel hose…

teamsleepnine says:

the struts is expensive,compressor is ok…its a pain to replaced,but its very nice,but at least its not abc

John Lan says:

It would be really useful if you can make a vid on the E55 SBC problems!!!

Zheraf says:

Great video Alex! The headlights on the Escalade look hazy, make a vid polishing/restoring them.

The Conforti Brothers says:

We got the suspension conversion from Strutmasters for our E550 for $1,200. That included the module to remove the suspension light. The ride quality is great and we would highly recommend it considering the value of these cars. For the E55 it's only $999 with lifetime warranty as well!

CashedClean says:

If my air suspension goes I would switch to coils. Seems like a reliable and lightweight alternative. I'd only lose some ride quality that you can only get with airmatic but thats fine

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

your videos are the best.

zumik83 says:

But HOW goes to ZEE DEALERSHIP with a car that is well over 10 years ??? C'mon…

The Great Mechanized Ape says:

what a terrible idea.

Alaa Sibai says:

Thanks for sharing. The Airmatic system is one of the main reasons why I went with the E350 vs E550 because I just did not want to deal with it. Would please do a video on Mercedes ABC (Active Body Control) system?
Again thanks for the great informative videos.

Okey Ezeilo says:

Curious about the inexpensive Arnott conversion kit. How does the car handle round bends and on track…?

Okey Ezeilo says:

Love the air largely because I can raise the car to get over rough patches and ramps…

Anthony B. says:

I had to replace my E350 W212 air suspension… I was quote a little bit over 10k dollars luckily I had extended warranty

Okey Ezeilo says:

Pity I didn't see this a few years back when I changed front and rear air items on my '06 55, along with the pump and some sensors, at the dealership…!

Dave auf dem BMW says:

ALEX!! You rock brother! How did you pack a bajillion pieces of info into 12 1/2 minutes?

JGO says:

My grand marquis has rear self leveling suspension I had to replace the compressor and relay a few years ago and it was over 700.00

News that matter says:

I can barely only afford my Toyota 4runner TRD PRO. Which honestly has nearly bank rupted me, so I can't imagine what it cost to maintain these luxury cars.

tinncan says:

Ugh so much rust…

mj989 says:

Lmao the opening skits are gold! Great video man!

moonlighter6 says:

I remember older Lincoln Continental's, owners opted for removal of the airbag suspension completely with a standard suspension aftermarket option when it experienced an expensive failure.

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