Fix ripped apart seat Mercedes E350

Fix ripped apart seat Mercedes E350

Almost all Mercedes E-class, after few year of using has the same problem with seam ripped bottom part of driver seat. We have 2014 Mercedes-Benz E 350 with ripped apart driver seat. We can easily repair and fix this problem. After our works, driver seat has original vinyl material and looks like it should be.
We also can do it with your car for good price.
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Lucas Harten says:

BRUH!! I’m looking at this video for the EXACT same tare in my driver seat

RoommateWiLLE says:

Did you guys have an issue with the heated seat for this same car?

Michael Vincent says:

how much to replace my E350 2014 beige bottom seat part.

Jaggerdfletcher 161 says:

That would go hard 350hp

Old Head Perspective says:

This exactly how mine looks now lmao

starship gus says:

Lol,something is missing here,the part replacing the cover,or was it really?and another fake video,

Vic Investa says:

3 y.o, car!? Mercedes POS… E class my ass.

L.U.K says:

yeah my question is how did you fix it

Kyle Farnsworth says:

So many details missing. I got a seat cover replacement thinking it was as easy as this video shows. Took me 3 hours. Lots of hooks and plastic connector pieces thar hold the material in place.

Cesar G says:

Another P.O.'d owner here!! Bought the car used with barely 9,500 miles. Tear started to appear around 20K miles. I carefully sewed the tear up with a curved needle and although it looks better and will probably prevent further tearing it really bothers me. Not the quality you'd expect from Mercedes. I bet something else will reveal itself soon. Oh wait! What's this?? The wood panels on the dash have faded from the sun!!

Wilber Portillo says:

Could you make the seat cover so all of us who got the W212 or Facelifted version can buy it? Just the MB Tex portion or cover and ship it to each order?

XiangHuan Zhu says:

Do not do this, unless you are a technician, newer cars have seat airbags, it may cause injury if not properly handled.

1981cease says:

I have that exact same rip do anyone know will the rip cause the heated seat not to work because mine stop working

Conscious says:

my 95 w202 just got this issue, wtf mercedes 20 yrs later and still

David B. says:

LMAO….they keep showing the RIP…omg…good laugh..

Tino Ezmartin says:

Didnt even show the repair.

Fair Vue says:

genuine leather or nothing.

David Harding says:

Could have sewed that in half an hour , turns a £500 job into a £35 Job haha ,

moses knows says:

worst video, ever…

Stephen Cannon says:

I am looking at a used 2010 with pretty much the same exact tear pattern, Drivers seat lower portion middle. Do you sell and provide instructions for replacing this portion of the seat covering? Then again would I be wrong with replacing the cushion at the same time with the vehicle being eight years old?

Mr Freeze says:

Mercedes junk.. The new cars are a shame to the old Mercedes with real leather seats.

CozmecBlast says:

Voice makes this video feel like geographic

Casey Russell says:

Nothing but a 2-minute advertisement!

Nick says:

My C220D in UK has this exact same issue 2013 build – you don't expect shoddy workmanship like this on a car that is supposed to be a premium badge! I'm well hacked off

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