Mazda Miata NB Headlight Bulb Replacement DIY – How to replace – 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Mazda Miata NB Headlight Bulb Replacement DIY – How to replace – 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

How to replace your head lamp bulb.

If your light is burned out just follow this video on how to replace that bulb yourself! One of the many benefits on owning a Miata, EASY MAINTENANCE!!

Bulb is a 9003 bulb size:

Tools needed:
Beer (afterwards for being your own BOSS)



Christina Fernandez says:

Life saver! Thanks so much for making this video.

E F says:

Thank you so much

Dylan Robinson says:

Only 1999-2000 use 9003 bulbs for low beam. 2001 to mid 2005 use 9006 low beams, and part way through 2005 Mazda switched to H7 low beam bulbs.

RickaMortis says:

This is the one. Great video, got my light changed perfectly

Michelle Cagle says:

What about the drivers side?

T says:

awesome video….the best…..perfect for me..and hopefully for others…totally impressed…thanks

enokijun says:

Thanks for the helpful vid

Quintus Müller says:

Thank you so much. Your video helped me a lot.

Greetje Culinair says:

Thanks a lot
Younhelped me

Christian Zarate says:

I was like wtf when I tried to change mind not like other cars I worked on thanks

Eduardo Lopez says:

You saved my night bro you just got a new like and a new subscriber.

rootvalley says:

Thanks for the video last one I replaced took the whole assembly out the car, found out that’s not necessary!

David Kock says:

Thanks man, just changed two of them in little time.

Kenneth Gentile says:

Great video – you made it real easy for me. Thanks!

Raechelyn Dawn says:

I am not a Mechanic or even close to it but your video saved me so much hassle and money! Thank you so much!

John Hoge says:

This really helped me. Thank you!

Nick P says:

Heads up! I own a 2002 miata and the headlight needed to be replaced was a 9006 (HB4). Make sure to check your owners manual to see what kind of bulb your car takes!

Pieter van der Westhuizen says:

Thank you for your video. You saved me loads of agro and some money.Cheers – Pieter van der Westhuizen. Mallorca. Spain

Microchannel says:

Top notch vid, detailed and clear.

Carrie Kelley says:

Thank you for this! I bought my Miata 3 weeks ago and I've never changed a headlight before but I changed it within 7 min! This little Mami is happy!!

Ya- Man says:

Light Bulb Porn!

TheSouthernKayaker says:

Great video. Thanks!!!

Myles says:

I am figuratively crying rn because the YouTube community is so beautiful. This is my favorite part about our species, communicating information in the simplest and most essential ways.

André Bergeron says:

Thanks your video helped me quickly

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