3rd Generation (2014-2017) Mazda 3 Door Panel Removal and Speaker Replacement

3rd Generation (2014-2017) Mazda 3 Door Panel Removal and Speaker Replacement

A how-to showing how to replace the speakers in the 3rd Gen Mazda 3 with the base radio. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!



Nestor Sanchez says:

What size of speaker can i use for front and rear door?

Joel Monroy says:

So is there anything I can do to prevent myself from breaking the fasteners? Or even replace them if I do break ot

Sedat Ggedik says:

What about Mazda 6 , is that same size speakers ?

AbrahamsYTC says:

Thanks for this vid. I want to sound deaden my Mazda and wanted to know the spots to get the panel off. I heard it also boosts sound quality so that's a plus I guess.

Alex Perez says:

You can actually fit 3.5 speakers in the dash on both sides

SartheLombax says:

The stock speakers sound pretty good. With your upgraded ones, I bet it sounds even better.

What kind of speakers are they?

asphalt hedgehog says:

This won't work with the Bose system, for these have a very low impedance.

lejonkungen says:

thank you very much bob!

Alex Lin says:

this video was savage

Dave O says:

Bonus points for the cute pup! Thanks for the video. I took the door panel of to discover the same rust problem. The metal rusts and then the paint flakes off. The back of the cone is attached to the paint. On my 2016, it's a 9" and it's held on with 4 screws. I'm debating whether to just buy new speakers and not have to deal with this again.

Rush says:

You you have the powered bose system?


Hi Bob. Thanks for the video. Very helpful. I'm doing the passenger side with one power connector to the door panel. Is there meant to be a release tab on the connector or can I just yank it out? It seems to be attached quite tight and didn't want to damage any wires with too much force. Can't see a release tab

Sam Chez says:

Awesome video!! U saved me a tour by the dealer!!

Xavier Xavier says:

Hey guys look into NVX speakers they have different levels of speakers like the V is better than the N series you can also see some guys testing them and the word is they sound better once they are broken in and I have read that they work good even if not being pushed by a amp.

I bought a set of 6X9 speakers I’m going to compare one of them to some Cerwin Vega speakers I have in my truck.

hpathree says:

Puppy stole the show … 😀

BoogieDownProduction says:

Thank you for the video but WOW using a metal screwdriver and even worse needle nose pliers to pull that plastic piece out? No bueno

shanhitex says:

Will this work on a 2015 Mazda6 GT? My driver's side door speakers pop when I turn up the volume over 50%. It seems to happen with bass notes only. Not sure what the issue could be

Dr23rippa says:

How can you put your own stereo in though?

J P says:

Is it the same for a mazda 6?

Simone Costi l’ installatore audio says:

It’s useless to change the speakers if you haven’t got an external amplifier to drive them. Car radios probably can’t drive more than 20w rms at 4 ohm speakers.

Gyppor says:

Thanks for the info on door panel removal, helped me replace a window motor!

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