Restoring A Lotus Elan To Its Former Glory | Wheeler Dealers

Restoring A Lotus Elan To Its Former Glory | Wheeler Dealers

Ant gets to work restoring a Lotus Elan to its former glory by fixing its suspension and handling. #WheelerDealers

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david orama says:

One of my motoring regrets was not buying a second hand Elan S2 … was a bargain at the time $12,500

Andy Bush says:

I prefer Ant.

Felix Cat says:

Hmmm, interesting to see how a tube bender can quite easily pay for itself by doing a few jobs.

Additionally, it will save an absolute fortune in not having to buy manufactured exhaust systems.

shonee 02 says:

Where I can find full episodes? Thanks…

윤성태 says:

Ealn forever ~~~♡♡♡^^

juan def says:

The Elan is still a beautiful car. Looks like a baby Lamborghini Diablo in some ways.

Bad Dog says:

Swap out Mike for Ed.
This show needs Mike like a fish needs a bicycle.

DARRY B says:

My mechanic isn't a giant with grey hair. Is this a requirement? I'm wondering if I've been mugged off by a bogus mechanic!

Ike dee says:

I agree with Jeff in Toronto. Paring up Ant and Ed would bring a good combination of talent to the show. Ive watched Wheeler Dealers for years. It wouldnt matter really who went out and bought the cars because the important basis of the show is done in the workshop.But to create the best effect you do need a DelBoy to go out and do the initial deal. Del Boy would never hack it on his own and the proof of that is evident of the past when car traders did little else other than wash and polish cars in the back streets and the condition of the cars then were exactly like the one on the Flintstones, with big holes in the floor. Times have changed though the dealers patter truely does live on !

Toby the Glen says:

That old exhaust does not look factory?

Master Steel says:

ant ansted go home looser

Timothy Brooke says:

This guy knows his stuff very clever restorer

KHTV says:

Great to see an M100 on the show. The flattened exhaust seems like a bit of TV theatre though.

Ari Lin says:

To all the people saying bring Ed back, while he is missed, Ant is a damn fine mechanic doing a great job. Don't take your anger out on him

TDI JUNK says:

Twisty face smug cheshire cat.

Tony quijano says:

I think Ant is a decent host but I wish the guy would wear gloves.

niteninja 01 says:

Work on a real car. Come to wisconsin and buy something from here and work on it. We will see how good a mechanic you really are.

George farm says:

Be safe you need gloves for welding also you removed the cover off the cut off wheel.

Jeff inToronto says:

I think Ant is doing ok in his role. I think a great show would to have Ant and Edd doing work on cars and forget the game show host Mike.

Darth Maul says:

Ant makes it look so easy. Keep up the good work

SIX GEAR says:

Where's the rest of the video?

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