Pedal-less Bicycle?!

Pedal-less Bicycle?!

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@poolhalljunkie9 says:

Idk why but those have always looked like they would be fun. Not practical perhaps but fun all the same.

@roplayer9933 says:

Rather walk

@fntababy says:

the fact that it doesnt bend to get smaller when not using it so it doesnt take as much space as a regular bike they lost a selling point

@breadisgood-ev2iv says:

Get an Olympic runner in one of these

@mwametallic7668 says:

The more things change, the more they remain the same

@williamdavis5711 says:

Thats that wierd bike from sputh parth minus going up your but to control it

@jaulj8 says:

It looks like a mechanical camel.

@TheHirohikoAraki says:

Usain Bolt would have a field day when trying out the pedal-less bicycle.

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