Lotus Elise, fitting a repaired rear clamshell

Lotus Elise, fitting a repaired rear clamshell

This video covers the installation of a Lotus Elise S2 135 R rear clamshell and a short review on what was done so far. Its part of a series of video’s covering the rebuild of this initial total loss Elise.



Hurricane Arthur says:

Wonderful and very good job. Hats off !

pbysome says:

"what it looks like" or "how it looks"
Not "how it looks like".
Great job, not easy repairing glass fibre.

Raphaël Lheureux says:

Very nice restauration! For the sake of your health though, I'd wear a mask when cutting glass fiber like that…

tiukawni says:

could u show us all d fitting process and the location of all d bolts and nuts

tiukawni says:

awesome work

First Last says:

Hi there, in case you have difficulty sourcing the decals for your 135R here are the part numbers (from when I had to order the same) available from http://www.deroure.com

1 A117B0501F Decal, Queens Award, gold £4.44
1 A117U0193F Decal, LOTUS, 'chrome' £27.06
2 ALS2U0037F Decal, Lotus Sport 135R, silver, sides £3.92
1 ALS2U0038F Decal, Lotus Sport 135R, silver, rear transom £3.92

Hope that helps!

Thomas Boubal says:

Hi really like your lotus videos. Regarding the Belgian « contrôle technique «  be careful also about those disc brakes (I bought the same eliseshop kind for my s1 and they did notice it…)

f0rumrr says:

Its funny I remember when you got this car, nice to see she almost complete. You one of the OG, wrecked car repair channels.

mark corkum says:

Thanks for the video(s). They're a huge asset for anyone with one of these. I'm 9 hours from my closest dealer so have to do most things myself. Removing the clams had me a bit concerned because I'm scared to mess them up. Seeing this (and particularly the bolting so I'm glad you included it) helped. I'm looking forward to the front clam video. When you do it, would it be possible to include a shot of the front of the vehicle with the clam off. One of my next projects is to remove the front clam to get access to the heater blend doors. I've looked at it through the access panels but there's limited access and visibility. I dropped an inspection camera in but couldn't see all that well still. I expect it will be straight forward once I see it, it's just intimidating because it's unknown. Thanks again! Great channel! Beautiful car!

William COLLINS says:

I really like your work its amaizing !!! I would really likke to see more of old rusty please can you do some more?

Mark Palmer says:

As previously mentioned, I must admit my heart sank a little when I saw you painting the grills silver. The body coloured grills is a such a special and unique feature of the 135R. You’ve got one of the most coveted K series S2 models available, so it seems a shame not to stay true to the original. Please don’t take this as a negative comment, your videos are fantastic. The care and patience you have put into this restoration is wonderful to see and a pleasure to watch. I’m saving your videos for future reference when I need to refresh my 111S!

TRibulousTR6 & other muses says:

Thank you so much. I have been pondering how I can lift heavy body panels on my own and using the engine crane had not occurred to me but is a genius solution. Using two I can lift the stripped down body shell off of the chassis so one of my major issues is resolved by your video ! Necessity is the mother of invention but borrowing from the genius of others is easier. Great job on the Elise.

AndartHome142 says:

Another great video of the lotus elise, can't wait to see it al finist it's already looking great now, greatings from your neighbor and as always thumps upp 🙂

gary white says:

This is my favourite Lotus channel and I will sad when you finish the Elise. I wish I was as mechanically competent as you are but alas I am not! Are the rear lights glued in from the factory as standard? Proost!

Englishman French says:

This project is coming together really well, the problem of working alone is something we have to work around, but it would be much easier if we could get another pair of hands for mounting a shell like this, did you use a mastic layer between the shell and chassis to stop creaking noises ?

iamrichrocker says:

Hi..am not really a mechanic, but love cars, and really enjoy your various videos..so with that in mind, could you please explain Tech Control and the painting of the ball joints..is that like an inspection to verify road worthiness? thank you..

grafvonstauffenburg says:

Would have very much liked to see the actual drilling & fitment……. Drilling into that carosserie (sp?) looks as though it could result in cracking & chipping….making for a localized mess…..to be mended later……. Also, more details as to how you isolate that composite carosserie from the metal frame to dampen annoying vibrations and/or apply sound insulation around the engine & wheel bays…..

Otherwise, your restoration is, of course, masterful……

Joe Wilder says:

Nice work. I was going to ask in a later video, but I'll probably forget so I'll ask now. In one video I saw, someone said he needed to put baffles in his oil pan, because the Lotus will run dry on oil when on a track or going around a long curve. Have you heard of that?

Wayne K Woods says:

Amazing the detail . Do not stop , keep going . Beautiful build.

Gopherdave1 says:

Awesome! I hope you will take us all along for a ride when you are done. Such an awesome car and rebuild! Thanks for sharing with us.

Tom Poole says:

It’s great to see the Lotus Elise finally coming together and looking so good too. A very competent and skilful job made to look a lot easier than I suspect it was in reality.

da teatorjr says:

Its coming along nicely. Keep up the good work.

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