How to replace the Occupant Seat Sensor on lincoln mkz, zephyr and fusion

How to replace the Occupant Seat Sensor on lincoln mkz, zephyr and fusion

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Jean Motovlog says:

Hélio man i‘m working in one Fusion 2013 airbag DTC B00a0 system classification occupant can help me?

msbutterfly714 says:

My daughter owns honda accord 2010 1 occupant position detection system code detected, is this the same as this SRS? How do I resolve this? I live in one state and she in another , help, please and thank you

John Deere says:

Fully rotating the gray colored assurance lever on my 2007 Ford Fusion S 2.3L when I tried to do so would only disengage the seat harness electrical connector only partly. Like 1/4" movement of partial release and then nothing after that.

I tried to rotate the lever as much as it seemed to want to go without it feeling like it was going to possibly break if I rotated it any further. I tried pulling on the seat harness electrical connector while having the assurance level rotated at the same time but it just wouldn't budge.

I don't know why I was having such a difficult time with it.

The way it shows you doing it looks like it shouldn't be difficult at all.

I don't know what I did wrong. I just put the seat back together and gave up for now.

Did anybody else have any issues like I did with the removal of this particular part?

Daniel Oravetz says:

Hi Nick, thanks a lot for the video. I'm hoping you can provide some insight for me. I have an '07 Fusion and also had the B2290 OCS fault code. I have the Workshop Manual and followed the recommended pin-out tests and did not find any issues with broken wires or shorts. At that point I knew it was likely a bad rail sensor or a bad OCS module.

I had the Fusion into the dealership for the Takata airbag recall and while it was there I figured I'd have them do a diagnostic test to narrow-down what specifically was causing the fault. I was told it was the outboard rail sensor and possibly also the OCS module. I replaced the outboard rail sensor and the airbag light was still on, so then I replaced the OCS module. Unfortunately, the airbag light is still on… extremely frustrating.

The Workshop Manual does mention that if a new OCS module is installed a System Reset procedure should be completed (which requires one of the fancy dealership scan tools). Do you perhaps know if a System Reset will actually result in clearing the airbag light? To put it another way, should the airbag light turn off automatically when the hardware that caused the fault has been replaced? Or, is it required to run something like a System Reset procedure IN ADDITION TO REPLACING THE OFFENDING HARDWARE in order to clear the airbag light? Thanks a lot!

Eric Reilly says:

@nick the car guy – where did you find the part? I need to do the same procedure but cannot find the part online or kno eBay with the number you provided. Where else should I look?

Aguilar3000 says:

Hi, can u help me! My 20007 ford fusion show me this code on the passeger seat 2293_25_CM and 2293_25_OD fail… since i bought the car i change the main module but the ligth still on! what can i do?

Kyle Friday says:

2006 Ford Fusion DTC B2290 Occupant Classification System (OCS) fault

My airbag light came on a few months ago. I checked all the connections under the seat and that did nothing. I got a BlueDriver scan tool and it showed me the B2290 code. This points to a sensor under the passenger seat which includes the rail system that the seat slides on. I did a ton of research and didn’t see a good solution. I went to two trusted mechanics and all they could give me was information I already had and suggested I go to a dealership. I went to a Ford dealership and gave them $100 to tell me what I already knew, and also got an estimate of $1,500 to fix the issue. They wanted to charge $1,000 for the OCS replacement kit and seat rails, because apparently everything should be replaced as a single unit according the manufacturer.

I said to myself, “That’s ridiculous.” I also did a lot of cursing. I ended up finding a good salvage yard called Pull-A-Part. I was lucky enough to find a 2007 Fusion with the seat in good condition. I went to and saw that this car was not in an accident. That’s important because the OCS system might not be good if it was. It took me less than an hour to remove the seat and disconnect the seat pan from the back of the seat. The pan comes off as one piece with the rails and all the OCS wiring underneath. They charged me $8 for the part! Can’t beat that!

So I did the proper depower of the system by removing the fuses for the OCS and RCM. Then I disconnected the negative battery terminal and waited a few minutes. I took out the bad seat pan and track assembly and replaced it with the salvaged pan and tracks. The swap took about an hour. I reinstalled the seat, put the fuses back, did a proper repower of the system (sounds weird, but before you connect the negative battery cable you turn your ignition to the “On” position; not sure why), turned my ignition off, waited ten seconds, and finally turned it back on. Airbag light is off! DTC B2290 moved from “active” status to “stored” which means it’s no longer an issue. I feel so victorious. It’s always awesome to fix something yourself and also save this much money. I only wish I never gave my money to the dealer, but from everything I read they were the only people who could fix this issue. I’m here to tell you that you can do it yourself. I will point out that my new seat may need to be recalibrated using a Ford scan tool, but my light is off and that’s all I care about. I hope this helps someone with the same problem.

Felipe Flores says:

I milan with code b0020, would you know how to fix it?

Rogelio Garcia says:

nick the car guy, hey you know what the passenger seat sensor number is by chance? can't find it anywhere.

Alicia Marie says:

Hi Nick! Thank you so much for this video. I have a 2007 Mercury Milan that was diag as needing a new passenger occupancy sensor and I wont be able to pass inspection until I get this airbag light off. I am told that the Mercury is the same as the other models that you listed. Do you know if that is true? Also, do you know what part number I should order? I think it is OCCUPANT SENSOR – FORD (7E5Z-14B422-A) but wanted to make sure before I order it. I think I can do this on my own; sure beats paying over a grand to the dealership. Here's the big question; will the light turn off on its own after the sensor is replaced? Or will I need to bring it somewhere to be cleared? Again, thanks so much. You have no idea how helpful this will be for me!!

MissSupreme Reviews says:

Hi thanks for this great vid!! Question? Is this sensor the same as the "passenger occupancy seat module?" Also, can you do a vid showing where the driver airbag sensor is?THanks!!

William Perez says:

i do have one question. do seat rails have to be reset and program similar to the seat module?

William Perez says:

yes but i already found out it was not my problem unfortunately.

William Perez says:

Your videos are informative and very helpful by the way. im subscribed!!!

William Perez says:

went through so much hassle trying to get this problem fixed. come to find out it wasnt the module that was bad it was the weight rails that were causing my light to come on. been trying to find a seat for sale but cant find parts place that will include all the module sensors or frame. what would you recommend?

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