how to fix a old or broken computer ECU/ECM for a Lincoln town car

how to fix a old or broken computer ECU/ECM for a Lincoln town car

how to fix a old or broken lincoln town car ECU/ECM computer

in this video I show how I repaired my broken ECU/ECM computer for a 1993 Lincoln town car.

when my 93 town car wouldn’t start, I could not figure out why.
I had no choice but to bring it to a shop.
the certified mechanic found the problem after a little bit.
my computer was no good.
the mechanic shop could only find one used ECM/ECU computer.(specific code number)

The estimate I was given was
$500 with no guarantee!

the car was done, so I thought.
after a few days of watching the car sit there I got to thinking…
I fixed a ton of xbox 360’s and ps3’s mainboards doing reflows…..
the cars computer is just another green motherboard too…..

lets try to reflow the board!
nothing to lose right?

after I was done,I put it back in the car and it started!
not only did it start!
it ran perfect and I never had that dreaded no start ever again!

this was done over 2 years ago, still starts today!!!
this video was a demo of what I did back then but to a spare ECU/ECM computer I had laying around.

I hope this helps someone.
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S J says:

awesome video, yo youtubers take note how to make informative videos such as this, to the point, removed the annoying sound of heat gun, and still was able to explain what your doing without awful music, holding the cam in face making sure we see the new haircut and rock revival jeans when they're changing the air filter that takes 1.5 hours. kudos man, kudos.

joseph dragojevich says:

judging by your description it would seem like the computer itself is fine but the connection to said computer has become degraded to the point that it needs to be "persuaded" to work.. my area of attention would be on the physical connections.

Why so Serious? says:

What I don't understand is the board broke or just something's on the board.

xargon1234 says:

The problem with using flux is there is a rubber coating on the board to keep it sealed from moisture etc. just heating it with the heat gun probably would be enough. tho use low heat not to hot or you can damage the board if there are electrolytic capacitors on board they go bad as well and should be replaced

Miss Adventures says:

Ok, So I'm a little slow. You used the flux pen and heated both sides with the heat gun. But no 'repair' other than that? Was it corrosion? Humidity got into it?

Chad Buettner says:

I'm having the very same issue with my 95 town car and I really think this is my issue…let's just see…

True Mordecai says:

Did you run that pen over both sides of the board?

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